Popular Locations Chosen by Expats when Relocating to Switzerland

Published On October 9, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Moving

Switzerland is the most popular destination among expats across the world. There are a lot of reasons why expats love staying in Switzerland. The economy of the country is very strong which builds a lot of confidence in business persons and young professionals. The working conditions here are encouraging, and many feel that there is a pleasing balance between life & work. Even though the entire country is well-known for the tourist’s spots, but there are some locations as well that are more popular among expats than others, some of which are explained below

  • Zurich ranks high in quality of living surveys due to its high-quality education, healthcare, and public transport. Staying in Zurich is not that reasonable, and the cost of accommodation especially in the city center can be quite high. Areas such as Kreis 5, Oerlikon and Affoltern are becoming even more popular with young expats as they are cost-effective options when it comes to accommodation.
  • Bern is situated in the heart of Switzerland and serves as the gateway to the Alps. It is also a perfect base for those who want to travel to other parts of the country because of its central location. Owing to its fountains, historic towers, and winding streets, Bern has a medieval ambiance. Also, the city is also equipped with an effective public transport system that makes traveling within the city fast and effortless.
  • Lugano lies in southern Switzerland which is the country’s one of the largest cities. It has a different personality compared to the other towns and cities due to its chiefly Italian-speaking population. The Italian influence is evident in the architecture, lifestyle, and food. The areas within the main city are more reasonably priced and are also better connected to the public transport system.
  • Geneva is a popular location in Switzerland for the expats. The prices of rental houses at times may be high, and in such cases, it is always better to share or sublet their houses. The benefit of staying here is that the place has an efficient public transport system and thus it is easy to commute to work and back quite quickly.

Thus, if you have a plan of moving to Switzerland from the UK and staying there, the points mentioned above would prove to be quite beneficial.

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