Pinch Pleat Curtains for your Home Improvement goals

Published On February 2, 2019 | By Donald Llanas | Home improvement

When it comes to beautifying your home, there are several ways to go about it. You may decide to paint the walls with attractive coats, buy beautiful furniture or add some special architectural effects to the rooms to make  it more attractive. You may even hire a professional remodeler to work on the rooms for equal measure. While all these options are very feasible, one of the most cheaper option often overlooked in the installation of pinch pleat drapes. We often see them in the homes of friends, family and associates but many don’t know what they are called.

What is a pinch pleat drape?

Pinch pleat drapes are a type of decorative curtain that draws together several fabrics into a tightly stitched and gathered bunch at the top. The pleats are permanently sewn to make the folds smart and elegant from top to bottom.  They are mostly mounted either with a track or with a pole. Many homeowners go for Pinch drapes because if the classical feel they give to rooms in which they are installed. Walking into a room with windows covered with drapes is a pleasant sight to behold and if very nice colored fabrics are used, they are even more attractive.

What types of interiors are suitable Pinch pleat curtains?

This type of curtain is good for any type of room as it is non-selective. They can be installed in formal (offices) and non-formal (homes, restaurants) interiors. Generally, they are mostly used in living, dining and bedrooms. Pinch curtains are not suitable for bathrooms as they will often get wet and become damp. You may also wish to install a pinch pleat drapes in your kitchen but this may not be a good idea for obvious reasons. Kitchens need adequate sunlight and the fabric used in making this curtain type doesn’t let in as much sunlight when installed. However, if your kitchen window is wide enough and there’s sufficient room between the window and any kitchen furniture you may keep the curtain folded and wrapped apart during the day to let in sunlight on two conditions. Firstly, your cooking area should not be too close to the curtain and secondly, the curtain’ fabric should be made of a fire resistant materials.

There are different variations to this type of curtain so you are spoilt for choice should you choose to go for a pinch pleat drape substitute. You may decide to settle for a pencil pleat curtain which is a classical curtain style with a pencil-like appearance or you can go for an eyelet curtain which uses a metal eyelet that is threaded on a wooden or metal pole.

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