Perfecting the Essential Steps in the Property Options

Published On March 4, 2019 | By Eric Carter | Real Estate

If the property chosen is a house or apartment ground floor, analyze in particular the security issue. The existence of vacant lots and nearby commercial establishments should be well evaluated, as should street lighting.

Check for parking spaces and the possibility of renting another, if necessary. See also the value of the condominium, in case of apartments or townhouses. See how the apportionment of the bills – water, electricity, cable TV, etc. and whether the family income is compatible with the fixed expenses of the dwelling is done.

Remember: The ideal is that spending for purchase by payment of benefits does not exceed 25% of the household budget or family income.

Ask the broker if the owner of the Hua Hin Property for sale is open to proposals. When making yours, put yourself in his place and avoid absurd reductions of the amount requested, which should cause even strangeness if accepted. Make sure what is included or not, talking openly about it. Ask for clear and precise answers and do not be embarrassed to ask again if you continue to have doubts.

Purchase decided, it’s time to check the documentation of the property and the owner, and here all attention is little. Here are the requests and inquiries you should make:

Certificates from the civil, criminal and federal distributors of the seller

  • If there is financing of the property, check the conditions of release or transfer.
  • Inquire about the existence of an expropriation project for the area.
  • Usually, the owner must present these documents, which have costs. Be aware because lack of information can compromise business security.

If there are no impediments, make a promise of purchase and sale agreement. But remember: this is just a document that signs the purchase intention. Any given sign counts as part of the payment. The parties may establish in the proposal the right of repentance. If the withdrawal is from the buyer, it loses the given signal; if it is from the seller, it must return the double sign.

Read the contract carefully. Scratch all blanks and sign all pages. It must be dated and signed in the presence of qualified witnesses and the seller. Demand a path to the original contract, recognizing signatures of all signatures.

In case of doubt, ask the broker or owner of the property for clarification. If necessary, consult a specialized lawyer or a consumer protection agency.

The contract must contain your personal data and those of the owner, the description and the total value of the property, the form and the place of payment, the index and the periodicity of readjustment (annual, according to the legislation in force), the penalties in the delay of payment of installments, the amount of the anticipated signal, the existence of financing and all the conditions promised by the seller, especially the date of the deed.

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