Perfect Cleaning of the Stair Carpets for You

Published On April 19, 2019 | By David Standridge | Home improvement

Many people use fabric softener when washing clothes. But did you know that you can also use it as a cleaning agent? It works at least as effectively as and often even better than the original detergent. Do you want to know in which ways you can use fabric softener as a cleaning agent? We have listed the tips for you.

Flawless windows with fabric softener

Washing windows without streaks is very easy with a little help from fabric softener. Take a little splash in the warm water for optimum results. An additional plus point of this method of cleaning is that there is no lint in the cleaning cloth. You won’t find this on the window either. Fabric softener dissolves these particles. In short: your windows will be streak-free and lint-free.

Mop the floor

In addition to wiping the windows without streaks, you can also use fabric softener to mop the floor. Put a dash in a bucket of hot water and then mop the floor in the normal way. You will see that the result is radiantly clean. This trick works on all types of floors, so you don’t have to have a laminate floor specifically. You can use the Swiffer Wet Jet for the proper cleaning.

Fabric softener to remove the furniture

Do you regularly have greasy stains on the table or chairs, or is food regularly spilled in your house? Then add a little fabric softener as a detergent in a spray bottle with water. Spray a bit of the mixture over the stain. You can then wipe it dry with a cloth. You will see that all spots have disappeared. So you do not need a complete bucket of soap to remove greasy stains. A spray bottle with a brilliant mixture is enough.

Clean bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles can also be cleaned very well with the help of fabric softener. Add some water and make soapy water. Is the soap ready for use? Scrub your bathroom tiles well with this. Fabric softener also helps against limescale deposits. In this way you are done cleaning the bathroom tiles in one go.

Clean stainless steel

You often see all the stains on stainless steel. You only have to touch the object a little and there is immediately a grease mark on it. Therefore treat stainless steel appliances and furniture with some diluted fabric softener. You will notice that everything becomes clean again. In addition, it often smells a lot nicer than regular stainless steel cleaners.

Remedy static hair

It may sound crazy, but fabric softener is very good for your hair. Not only does it make your hair shinier and easier to comb, it also prevents your hair from becoming static. So consider using something else instead of a hair mask to care for your hair.

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