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In times of disaster and damage, there is not much you can do than to stare in amazement of what has happened. You might even feel traumatized about the event that you will be unwilling to eat or see anyone, you don’t have to bear the burden alone, and you can share the burden, some parts or all of it by calling the expert disaster restoration company to come help with cleaning the mess after a disaster.

There are various types of disasters that can be experienced but the most common are water damage or disaster and fire or smoke disaster. These disasters are different, and have different causes but they have one thing in common and that is destruction.

Water entering into your home could be from different channels. One could be the result of heavy rainfall and a leaky roof, others can be a leaky faucet that causes the entire kitchen to be filled with water and then it spreads to other parts of the home, but any condition that caused the entry of water into your home should be dealt with. Water damage holds can cause a significant amount of damage and you need to clear it out.

Fire accidents usually leave you out in the dark, with a feeling of confusion and trauma. Most times, when you see the damage done, you almost cannot figure where to start the repair from. Even after fire fighters have come to do their jobs by quenching the flames, you are left with the damage to handle, be it a commercial or residential home.

There are many disaster and restoration companies out there but we stand different from them, we make sure we commit ourselves and our contractors to maintaining only the best standards in delivering every result. Please find below some of our core distinctive factor.

We have an apt response

We are always very prompt in response, every moment counts when it comes to restoration and disaster handling, we understand this and do everything possible to get to you within the shortest possible time you reach us. We also have an always-open emergency service that you can always reach out to no matter the time of the day and the season of the year, we are always at your service.

We have certified technicians

We are not a company without the adequate amount of experience and qualification, all our staffs are certified IICRC and IRI certified. We are not new to the industry and we are result oriented, that is why you have nothing to worry about when it comes to issue like this. We have your back totally.

We have insurance

What’s more? We work with property insurance and that means any property we damage will be covered by insurance but we rarely damage properties. So you have nothing to worry about. Our restoration process is smooth and top notch.

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