One of Major Equipment for Decontamination for Working with Hazardous Products

Published On January 10, 2019 | By David Standridge | home improvement

 There are many manufacturers of decontamination equipment as well as equipment for personal protection. This company specialize in offering total solution packages to a wide assortment of hazardous industries. The over-riding goal has been to offer the greatest possible protection to their employees and to maintain a workplace that is safe in any hazardous situation.

Unique technology

One of the unique technologies used was developed by PPS which is used in protective suits and equipment for many different industries including the asbestos, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. Refining research and development while investments expanding, all these companies are using technologies in Europe and the rest of the world. They ensure to collaborate with industries, organizations and governments in order to guarantee the latest advanced in technologically product for the protection of employees and customers.

Major product

The product mostly sold by this company includes 3 stage decontamination unit. This is a unit that is powder coated, made of aluminium and is a personal web decontamination unit including:

  • 3 chambers
  • Airlock curtains
  • Inbuilt drainage
  • Shower fittings
  • Non-slip mats

This can be coupled to a fully programmed water system for management complete with “anti-tamper thermostatic controls”, twin filters for waste water, tubes for connecting and a quick release brass coupler to and from shower to water management system.

Hassle eliminated

This system of showers eliminates the hassle of building a separate unit for decontamination on a small, short term project. It can be set up quickly to easily reduce your labour costs. It is the first all poly constructed unit, meaning it can withstand the daily strictness of abatement project without losing structural integrity. Each of these 3-stage configurations is also available in construction with fire retardant polyethylene.

These units have:

  • All meet EPA and OSHA guideline for facilities of decontamination;
  • Units are made from two layers of 6-mil poly as well as having triple-flap ingress/egress doorway, 38-inch x 38 inch;
  • Available in 6 different configurations, from the basic 3-stage unit to an extra-large 3-stage unit, a 2- clean room and room for equipment unit to use with pop-up metal style showers.

With many companies offering this 3-stage unit, you can research and get a better price from one of these companies.


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