Nifty Ways to Decorate Console Tables and Where To Place Them

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Console tables are versatile and nifty pieces of furniture. It can be utilised as a functional table or a room vanity. That said, not everyone knows where to place and how to decorate such tables. Setting it in a wrong spot can negatively affect and depreciate its aesthetic value.

5 Eye-catching Places for Console Tables


This type of tables has several uses. It can be both used for its aesthetic value as well as its function. For smart ideas, here are the top five spots to place console tables.

  • The Entryway. Console Tables Australia has elegant and sophisticated features which makes it an excellent piece to use as a room’s focal point. As such, the best spot to place it is in the entryway where guests can immediately see it.

Furthermore, since it will act as the house’s usher, make sure to decorate it with things that represent the whole household. A mixture of style and function is a great decoration idea. Homeowners can place a family picture, a lamp, a chosen furniture that complements the area, and a small bowl to put family belongings like keys and phones.

  • The Living Room. Tables are often used for its function as well. For those who like to place it in the living room, it can be an excellent TV stand and media centre. With its narrow table and sturdy brackets, using it to hold a television is a smart idea. However, do not forget to get a table that is robust enough to carry the weight of the tv and broad enough to have room for other media essentials like DVD player, stereo, and cable box.
  • The Work Space. For work-at-home individuals, console tables can also be utilised as a desktop or laptop table and other work materials. To set it up, look for an area that is near a power source. After that, choose a table that can accommodate a laptop or a desktop, a table lamp, pen holders, and other work essentials. Then get a chair that is comfortable enough to sit on.
  • The Bedroom. Another place and nifty way to set a console table are in the bedroom area as a vanity mirror. Choose a spot near the wall and where light can get in easily (besides a window for instance). Set the table, hang the mirror above it, put a lamp table, and stuck a chic stool underneath. After that, finish decorating the table by placing vanity essentials such as a stash of makeup, a box of pieces of jewellery and perfume.
  • The Kitchen. This type of table is also an excellent alternative for cocktail carts for a home bar. Its open shelving provides an exceptional place to showcase different brands of bottle wines, alcoholic liquors, stunning glassware, mixers and other utensils. That said, it can be placed either in the kitchen or in the dining area. It will surely elevate the vibes of any occasion, especially the holiday season.


Proper placement of console tables is crucial to use its function and appreciate its aesthetic value fully. Styling it with the right decorations to complement the room’s theme is essential as well. As such, always seek advice or read articles that will help in understanding the various ways to use and style console tables.

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