Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Countertops

Published On May 17, 2018 | By Eric Carter | Interior

When going for a countertop for either your kitchen or toilet, you are bound to make the same mistakes many people have also made unless you bear somethings in mind concerning that. Countertops are presently the wave of the moment’ not only does it add beauty to your property, but it also lasts longs, giving your kitchen and toilet a long lasting elegant look. However, below are some of the most common mistakes when it comes to selecting countertops.

#1: Going over the budget

Everything starts with the budget. Make sure you select a countertop that fits your budget. If you do not have a budget, work with a qualified and professional kitchen designer, countertop experts like Everest Granite, or interior designer to assist you in creating an affordable budget. Normally, there are two or three levels of prices for each material (low, medium, and high). Remember that high-end granite or quartz can add up to + 750% increase in price over the entry-level laminate countertops.

#2: Selecting the wrong material

We understand this sounds obvious, but it occurs more often than you can imagine. This is usually the result of not paying attention to the inner voice. Opinions from social networks, magazines and designer shows may also make it difficult to select the right items or material. Remember, this is a good balance between fashion and function. Below is an easy guild to assist you with your decision

  • Laminate

This is the best choice if you have a budget. Select laminate material if you have a budget and want more options and color textures. This is the best total value for your dollar and perfect if it is not your home forever.

  • Quartz.

It’s the best choice if you are looking for consistency. Select quartz countertops if you are searching for something that does not need maintenance and is practically stain resistant. With Quartz, you never have to worry about water penetrating. Quartz is very durable material and it is best for your home forever.

  • Granite.

This is the best selection if you prefer the artistic aspect of life. Select granite countertops if you like natural material having artistic beauty because there are no two equal plates. Granite exists in several budget, texture options, and color. Granite may require a little maintenance and sometimes requires a seal.

#3: Selecting the wrong color

We recommend that you do not select the rounded color of the counter corresponding to the floor. This can lead to a busy looking space. When selecting the edge profile for your countertops, we recommend that you choose the edge that complements the door design of your cabinet.

#4: Are stone countertops invincible?

We hate to reveal the secret, but the granite is porous, can be scratched and it is not heat-resistant. Oh yes, quartz panels or countertops can also get stained.

CUTTING: Ensure to always make use of a cutting board with quartz and granite. Scratches are always hard to fix, and knives quickly get blunt.

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