Minimalist Home – Here’s Your Guide To Create One

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I assume you are familiar with the term, so instead of giving you a kickass intro…let’s dive straight into the article.

What are the advantages of a minimalist home?

  1. Easy cleaning – If there is a lot of stuff lying around in your home, it becomes a little difficult to vacuum or sweep near the furniture. But if your room is less cluttered, it will be easy to clean it as compared to a cluttered room.
  2. High appeal – The home with nothing but stunning furniture, beautiful artwork and few attractive decorations makes it all the more appealing.
  3. Less Stress – The more things you have at home, the more you will get distracted by them. On the other hand, a minimalist home not only put the stress of cleaning it at bay, but also gives you the much-needed piece of mind!

So, how does a minimalist home look like?

Depending on your preferences, the idea of minimalism might vary from person to person. Below we have mentioned some features of a minimalist home:

  1. Fewer decorations – A home that is clear of all things is a boring home. So, it would be better if you don’t leave that coffee table empty and put a small flower vase with few flowers in it or a desk with sweet family photo. Similarly, your empty wall could have a beautiful painting.
  2. Less furniture – A minimalist room will be filled with only furniture that is necessary. For example, a living room will only have few chairs, a couch, a TV and a pair of lamp. A bedroom will have a bed or just a mattress, a dressing table, a designer radiator and a book shelf.
  3. Quality over quantity – A minimalist person would like to have few things in their house which they favour instead of unnecessary things. For example, a simple round dinner table will be better instead of getting a large designer dinner table which will occupy extra space.

What are the ways of creating a minimalist home?

So, now that you have an idea of a minimalist home, here are some ways to help you create one.

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  1. Start slow – It will be difficult to create a minimalist home unless and until you are moving into a new one. Start slow – go one room at a time, take your own sweet time, think and rethink, and only after you are done minimalising it go ahead with the next room.
  2. Reshaping – Always minimalise a room by starting with furniture. The lesser furniture you have, the better it’ll look. Remove the furniture without which you can live comfortably. Instead of going for furnishings with fancy colours, choose the ones with soft and restrained colours.
  3. Keep the necessary – If ever the thought of adding something else the in room pops in your mind, ask yourself whether that object is really necessary. If you can live without it being in the room, then don’t get it. You will have to make tough decisions as to which stuff you should be keeping in your room. If the room doesn’t feel lively, you can add little stuff after the necessary ones are taken care of.
  4. Clear everything – Your floor should have nothing but furniture; that is the room shouldn’t be used for storing any other stuff. The same goes for your table as well. Do not keep anything on it, apart from a piece or two of decorations. Do not attempt to over decorate the wall with pieces of artwork. Sometimes, it actually looks nice when you leave your wall to a bare minimum.
  5. Storing stuff – The stuff which is not required in a room should be stored in cabinets or drawers. You can use a bookshelf to store a book, CDs or DVDs. But make it a point not to store your entire collection on that shelf and only one or two things.
  6. Plain windows – Decorating your windows way too much will rob your room of its minimalism. To keep your windows minimal, use curtains of simple colours. You can also go ahead with wooden blinds.
  7. Subdued colours – Dark and intense colours tend to put stress on eyes. To keep things simple, you can splash your room with a bright colour, but make sure it is subtle. White is the most preferred colour when going for a minimalist home.
  8. Keeping an order – A place for everything and everything in its place. To make things run easily at home, make sure that your things are placed at ideal spots from where they can be accessed with complete ease. This way you will be getting things done more efficiently.
  9. A do over – After you are done minimalising the room, there are chances that you won’t be fully satisfied in your first attempt. In such a scenario, take a look at that room after a couple of days and you will come up with better ideas of how you can re-minimalise it.

So, that wraps our guide on how you can create your own minimalist home. Get going and start building your own paradise!

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