Look for These Features While Selecting Gas Chainsaw

Published On April 11, 2019 | By David Standridge | Home improvement

In case, you purchase a gas chainsaw then you are buying durability, power and versatility but at the same time you also have to live with noise, fumes, weight, maintenance or an additional injury risk.

Following features that you must look for while buying a best gas chainsaw under 300.

Air injected engine

In order to ensure that the air filter will remain clean so that the engine may therefore run much more efficiently.

Starting mechanisms

Look for such compression release systems that enable you in turning on the engine just by pulling the cord.

Low emission engine

Not only you need to have chainsaw which complies with allowable emission limits but also it will be more comfortable to those around you in case engine of your chainsaw has low exhaust emissions.

Automatic oiling of chain

It is necessary to keep the chain oiled while you work, and hence every time you need not remember to oil it manually.

Anti-vibration/vibration dampening technology

Over prolonged period of time a high vibration level is one of the main factors that causes user fatigue and also risk of injury. Vibration levels will reduce with electronic ignition technology.


Try to look for such machine having an inline-design, which is where your engine will be seated directly behind cutting bar.

Cutting length

Chainsaw is usually meant for cutting a tree with diameter two times the cutting bar length but a longer bar may reduce bending down amount that you may need to do.


Make sure that it meets the necessary safety features that will comply with the standards specified by B 175 standard of American National Standards Institute.

Inertia chain break

It will operate for stopping the chain spinning in case the saw will kick back when it will snag or hit a knot.

Top handle

Prefer to have top handle instead of rear handle design. Such design will be good for cutting motion downward and hence useful while lopping tree limbs or working off ladders.

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