Loft Conversion – Major things you need to think before

Published On June 13, 2018 | By Dora Romero | Home Decor

The loft conversion is a very essential part to bring your house or room in a perfect proportion. Most people go for loft conversion if they need extra bedroom or bathroom. If you are looking for a loft conversion for offices or firms then it will be a great choice for cinema rooms, office rooms and much more like this. To give your home exceptional looks then it might be a good place to invest for your dream room. There are many organization and designer groups like Amaya Construction those on a budget can convert your rooms as per your requirements. There are numerous types of design which totally depends on budget and room space.

Major things before conversion

  1. Your house needs to be balance and a loft conversion can keep the balance perfectly. Before you think of it you need to have an idea of your room space. If you are going to design a loft then you can move some furniture up to keep your living room free.
  2. Every loft whatever its size and spaces are it can be converted. There are different design and style compatible with all types of spaces. Removing roofs of your house to have some space for household furniture, rooms or living space is a great option but it requires some planning permission. But if you are thinking to decrease the height of your roofs then you need to pay a little bit more. If you are thinking about planning and permission, don’t worry, you can contact your local authority or keep it for those who you have hired for.
  3. Adding a new room by it also increases the value of your house. You always remain on profit after you have converted the roof space.
  4. Loft is a change for use and always building regulation need to be up to mark. They will check different safe measure of your house as a fire exit, strength of the floor, electricity, plumbing and many more. Everything will be done legally by the group of designers that you have hired for the loft conversion.

For loft conversion, you might not require planning and permission every time if you fall in below-mentioned criteria.

  1. Houses those are designed with 40 cubic centimeters additional space.
  2. If there is no extension of a slope of the roof in front of your house.
  3. You can’t increase the height of the loft above your roof height.
  4. Materials which are used by you during building construction need to same on a loft.
  5. Any type of extension must not be hanged on the roof of your house.

These are some criteria; if you keep these criteria in your mind during design then you won’t need to have any planning permission. Loft conversions are now widely used to keep rooms free and to build some additional space in your house. Various designs on different budgets are available which requires innovative designers. As you have to invest a good amount of money on conversion, so you need to think at the very beginning.


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