Know Everything about Storage Heater Grants in the UK

Published On July 28, 2018 | By Eric Carter | Home improvement

As a part of the Energy Companies Obligation Scheme (ECO), electric storage heater grants were made available for the households falling under the eligibility criteria in the UK. If you are a residing citizen of UK then you must be well aware of it. You can actually avail a number of benefits from the free replacement and installation of faulty or unproductive storage heaters. Today, in this article we are going to discuss certain important points that you need to know about this free electric storage heater grants in the UK.

Things That You Need To Know About

Here are the important things that you need to know about the free electric storage heater grant:

  1. This particular scheme is known as the ‘Affordable Warmth Scheme’ was launched by the government of UK in January of 2013. This scheme was launched in order to provide the owners with more environment-friendly and efficient boilers and other heating equipment. However, the eligibility for this scheme is depended on a wide variety of criteria.
  2. People should know that the value of the grant is 100% and it is dependent on the Energy Performance Certificate of the property. Not only that, but it is also dependent on the circumstances of the household.
  3. An electric storage heater is installed in a household only under the following circumstances:
  • When there is no main gas usage in the property.
  • Apartments and flats where there is no gas central heating.
  1. These electric storage heaters are mainly built with clay bricks that are heat-retaining that help to store the heat during the night. This stored heat is then released as required during the daytime. This is where the name ‘night storage heaters come from.’
  2. The contemporary storage heaters are very much different from the old ones only if, people still remember it. Nowadays, the storage heaters have a slimmer design and with the help of advanced technologies, it has been improved quite a lot.
  3. There are two types of storage heaters that you need to know about and they are the Fan Assisted Storage Heater and the Combination Convector Electric Storage Heaters.

So these are the things that you needed to know about free electric storage heater grants. If your household is eligible for it then, you can easily apply for it but for that, you also needed to be residing in the UK.

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