Key Control System: Is It Essential to Your Hotel?

Published On July 23, 2019 | By Clare Louise | Featured

Travelers look a lot when choosing a hotel: price, amenities, location, customer service, feedback on social media, ambiance, and more. The social media aspect plays an important role in today’s connected world. The perfect picture rules the world. But often just a small problem like being locked out occurring during the stay at your hotel will be shown to everyone in the client’s social media cycle. And who would want any post, tweet or message to badly influence the hotel’s hard-earned good reputation?

Of course, you cannot follow all of your clients’ media posts.

But there is one thing — you are in control of — the keys to your hotel rooms.

And the most efficient way to keep your hotel and your clients safe is with a key control systems.

What Exactly is a Key Control System?

It is simple. There is a tamper-proof box for keys’ storage and/or key cards, accessible only by the authorized staff.

A user-friendly software controls the box and leaves every simple track of who, when, and where uses the key.

In the case of unauthorized key usage, the system sends an immediately alert or email to management.

The key control systems protect you in two ways: keeping track of the usage of the hotel room keys and a recorded report for police or insurance investigators if requested.

But How Does the Key Control System Work?

When preparing the key for usage, the authorized person needs to check out the key of the box first, using a PIN, badge, fingerprint or any other biometric form of authentication.

At the end of the key usage, it must be logged in back into the key box, using again any of the authentication forms. This process allows you to track all the keys and their usage and authorization access.

Other Necessary Areas of the Key Control System Use:

  • Limited access to any chosen outdoor storage area of your hotel
  • Vehicle’s key access, to only designated licensed and insured drivers
  • Restricted access to any special equipment, like chainsaws or power mowers, to only trained and skilled people
  • Authorized personnel access only to computers, cabinets or files storing the personal information of your hotel guests
  • Restricted access for temporary staff or contractors only for the time set
  • Following an employee protocol of the key use policy


The most important benefit of the system for your employees is the easy and relaxed workflow, as there is no need to sign in and out the keys during the day.

The generated reports can be used as a time sheet, not just for security reasons.

It makes it easier for all departments involved to follow the use of the key, even for the payroll department, to report the use of the assigned keys by a specific employee.

The generated reports can be accessed and used by the hotel management to decide on the operating efficiency as well as proof for insurance companies, in case of a possible lawsuit or other issues.

They may even lower your premiums!

The key control system is the best way to keep your hotel, reputation, and guests safe, and your operational costs low. So call a reliable locksmith in St Louis to help you install it.

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