Important Tips To Consider When Cleaning The Cooker

Published On May 9, 2018 | By Andrew Williams | Home improvement
    • It is important to take into consideration the process of cleaning the potages of liquids and foods that are spilled on it immediately before they dry and are difficult to remove.
    • You can use thermal paper by brushing it on the surface of the stainless steel boiler to avoid the spill of fat and hard stains.
    • You can clean the potage daily after finishing cooking using vinegar and water solution or yeast and water and spray the pot with a bottle of sprayer and then wipe the cooker with clean towels to prevent the accumulation of fat and stains and get the luster and gloss of the gas.

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    • Do not use the coarse wire to rub and clean the stainless steel cooker so as not to scratch and distort its appearance.
    • Be careful to dry the pot of water completely to prevent rust.
    • Wear plastic gloves so that some materials do not dry your hand, such lemon salt.

    Methods of cleaning the butane

    • Method of cleaning stainless steel

    المكونات Ingredients:

    the amount of yeast.

    warm water.


    الطريقة Method:

    A large amount of yeast is prepared and water drops are added to it to obtain the consistency of a liquid paste.

    Then put the yeast paste on the surface of the stainless steel cooker and leave it overnight.

    The machine is rubbed in the morning using a soft sponge to avoid scratching the stainless steel.

    الب Rinse the pot and remove the yeast effect with warm water and liquid detergent and then dry the pot with a soft towel.

    You can prepare a mixture of yeast, liquid detergent and warm water to clean the pot and give it luster and shine.

    • Method of cleaning ceramic butane:

    المكونات Ingredients:

    Polished glass.

    Liquid cleaner.

    warm water.


    soft sponge.

    الطريقة Method:

    The liquid detergent is dissolved in warm water and the mixture is placed on the ceramic pot.

    Then rub the potage using a soft sponge in the case of hard spots that do not disappear The scraper is used for the ceramic cooker until the spot completely disappears.

    The potage is then cleaned with a soft, wet towel.

    The ceramic cooker is polished by the glassand then dried completely.

    • The method of cleaning the dissolved butane:

    المكونات Ingredients:

    Text of a cup of sodium bicarbonate.

    liquid dishwasher.

    warm water.

    soft towel.

    الطريقة Method:

    A soft towel that is sufficient for the size of the pot is soaked in warm water with a liquid dish detergent.

    Then the towel is well-seasoned, wet with water, but not water.

    A large quantity of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is spread on the surface of the potage and covered by the whole and increased quantity by places of hard spots.

    The wet towel is then placed with warm, clean water over the surface of the pot and above the sodium bicarbonate powder.

    Leave the towel over the cooker for at least a quarter of an hour to melt the stains and fat.

    The pot is cleaned with a towel until it is completely cleaned.

    The effects of sodium bicarbonate are then wiped with another towel moistened with warm water and well sterilized so that the water does not fall off, and the potage is completely dried with a soft cotton towel.

    You can use the glass polisher to polish and after drying the oven is polished with a soft cotton towel.

    • Method of cleaning the glass electrolytes.

    المكونات Ingredients:

    Liquid liquid cleaner.

    hot water.

    Polished glass.



    soft towel.

    الطريقة Method:

    Be sure that the electric cooker is completely cool.

    The liquid dish detergent is then mixed with hot water and the sponge ismixed with the mixture.

    The soft-face sponge is cleaned with a soft face to remove sediments and impurities suspended on the surface of the potage.

    Then wipe the effects of the detergent thoroughly and dry the cooker with a soft towel.

    The electric cooker is sprayed with a glass flask then

    The dough is rubbed with circular movements using the sponge in the rough face until the fat spots are completely eliminated.

    The cooker scraper is used to remove the hard fat stains and then rub the pot again with sponge.

    الب The potages are cleaned from the detergent well.

    The electric cooker is then polished using paper tissues or a soft towel and circular movements until they shine like mirrors.

    • Method of cleaning the eyes of the pot:

    المكونات Ingredients:

    Two tablespoons sodium bicarbonate.

    half a cup of white vinegar.

    warm water cup.

    الطريقة Method:

    Make sure to close the gas pipes and disconnect the electricity and dismantle the eyes of the butane.

    Preparation of bicarbonate, white vinegar and water You can increase the quantity according to need but with the same amounts and then mix the ingredients together with each other well.

    The eyes of the potagens are soaked in the mixture that is prepared for a whole night to dissolve the accumulated fat and sediment.

    The eyes of the potaj is then well scrubbed to remove the accumulated fat and sediment.

    Rinse the eyes of the pot with warm water and leave to dry on a clean cotton towel and then dried with a towel and re-installed.

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