How to Restore your Old Rugs

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The older rugs get, the more care and maintenance they require. The life cycle of a rug is pretty demanding and can see all kinds of things thrown at it, from pet urine to food and drink spillage all the way down to everything kids can throw at it.

We all want our rugs to last forever but by the very nature of their usage, they are bound to deteriorate over time due to all the wear and damage they endure over time.

We’ll look into a few ways you can restore your old rugs to their old glory.

Clean It

More often than not, all that’s needed is thorough and periodic cleaning. It’s easier to ignore your rug especially if it has darker colours. Over time dirt, dust, waste, and other unmentionables can accumulate on your rug and make it look older and uglier than it actually is.

The easiest and most cost-effective means of restoring your rug and keeping it fresh year round would be to simply clean it every now and then.

Electrodry Carpet Cleaning

If you want to restore your antique rug’s natural brightness then you should definitely consider electrodrying it.

This process not only restores your rugs original chemical balance but also protects it from stretching, shrinkage, and damage in the future.

A thorough pre-vacuum gets performed on your rug to lift debris prior to cleaning. Rug restoration has never been easier for those of us interested in carpet cleaning services within Brisbane.

Repair Damages

As soon as you notice damage on your rug it is important to fix it as soon as possible, failure to do so can make repairing it in the future more difficult and expensive.

Regularly inspecting your rugs for damages caused by moth, weather, furniture and pets can be the difference between a rug that stands the test of time and one that does not.

It is also smart to take your rug in for scheduled maintenance and repair every few years.

Cut It

You can hide minor burns and stop the spread of a hole by cutting off small pieces of damaged parts of your rug on the edges and unnoticeable areas.

This might seem counter-intuitive but it has to be done, sometimes, the most surefire way to stop the damage from spreading is to cut it off before it spreads.

Inspect and trim the edges of your rug, the older your rug gets, the more important this activity becomes.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

A good rug should not only feel and look great, but it must also smell great and the older rugs get, the more they accumulate our mess and the worse they smell. Immediately after deep-cleaning your antique rug, it’s important to follow it up with a makeover that will leave it smelling nicer for longer.

An effective DIY method you can employ to make your rug smell nicer would be to apply baking soda over your rug when it’s dry and leave it on for some time. Give the baking soda a few hours to absorb the odours out of your carpet, you then vacuum the entire rug with the baking soda still on it. Vacuuming will remove the soda and any unwanted odours.

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