How To Properly Burglar Proof The Doors Of Your Cedar Park Home

Published On May 5, 2018 | By Dora Romero | Home improvement

Home security in Cedar Park is a topic that can cause many of us to become anxious or panicked. After all, who wants to spend time wondering about all of the issues that can occur when our homes are broken into? However, burglar proofing our doors is one of the most important topics that is not always discussed openly. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important pointers as far burglar proofing our doors is concerned.

Have Your Locks Professionally Checked By A Residential Locksmith

Sometimes, a lock that seems to be functioning just fine to the naked eye may have vulnerabilities that are more noticeable to the experts. That is why it is important to have your locks checked professionally by a top of the line residential locksmith in Cedar Park as often as needed. This is a task that is not always conducted in a timely manner by many home or business owners but it is a crucial one.

Don’t Purchase a Door With Windows

Sure, it may be nice to have a window that you can look out of when you are at the front door. On the other hand, this is also a nice feature for would be burglars who wish to take a closer look at your home to find out if there is anything of valuable. Choosing a solid door without windows is one of the best possible ways to avoid these sorts of problems once and for all.

Plant Shrubbery Wisely

Having flowery landscaping by the front door is one of those things that will enhance your level of curb appeal but it is not going to do wonders for your home security. All you are doing when you plant shrubbery close to your front door is giving burglars a convenient place to hide while they take a closer look around. Don’t give them the chance to do their dastardly deeds without getting caught.

Use a Deadbolt

When you speak with a professional residential locksmith in Cedar Park, one of the more common directives that they will give to their clients is to install a deadbolt. Having a strong door in place is just a start. You are also going to need a deadbolt that extends deep within the doorframe to keep the door protected in case a burglar decides that they are going to try and kick it down.

Don’t Overlook The Door Frame

The door frame is a pivotal aspect of your home security plan whether you realize it or not. The doorjamb and the frame need to be strong so that a burglar is not able to force their way into the home under any circumstances. If the doorjamb or frame is too weak, all it will take is one swift kick to the door to bring it down completely. Don’t rely on a strike plate that is flimsy. Install a box strike that is deeper instead.

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