How to prevent mold from growing in your Virginia home

Published On June 29, 2018 | By Dora Romero | Home improvement

Mold is everywhere, especially in Virginia. If there is a damp environment whether be it your basement, gutters or under ledges, chances are there will be mold. And not all mold is in its growth stage.

Some molds can lay dormant for years until moisture returns. Once the moisture returns the molds growth will once again go out of control. Then the mold will spread, getting all over the place.

And if you have a moisture problem that returns because of a leaky pipe, poor drainage or other water intrusion problem that mold can potentially threaten the health of your family.

Imagine mold climbing up the basement walls, of your Virginia home, up the 2×4’s and slowly leaking into the nursery room. This is more common than you think and causes untold health issues across the United States.

More astonishing yet is that there are 1000’s of documented mold species. Some cause ill effects in some individuals. Science indicates that there are about 3-5 mold species that are considered life threatening.

Are you willing to risk your health to a mold that could cause ill health to you our your family? When was the last time that you had your home inspected for mold?

It is not only a good idea to hire a home inspection service to check and make sure that the pipes in your home are not leaking but they will also be able to take mold samples. Being a home owner means taking due diligence and whatever it takes to keep the home in top health.

If you live in Virginia than you will be happy to hear that there are many home inspection services that provide mold inspection services. Best of all mold inspection services are actually a lot less expensive than you might have thought.

Most home inspection companies in Virginia will provide you with a full home inspection service for less than $500. And you can sometimes ask the inspection company for a partial inspection which may or may not include mold inspection services.

The mold inspection service will actually climb under your home, attic, foundations, etc to seek out mold. In some cases they will use a tvscope to locate mold in hidden hard to reach spaces.

Then a mold eradication plan will begin. First off the mold will be removed by way of hot steam, alcohol solution or other cleaning agent. Next, the moisture intrusion has to be addressed. Once the moisture has stopped then good health can begin.

A mold free home is a healthy home! Contact a mold inspection company today.

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