How to pair your kitchen benchtop and splashback with ease

Published On November 8, 2019 | By Andrew Williams | Home Decor

Some homeowners face difficulty in planning about their kitchen designs. Selecting a benchtop and a splashback with such varied options often becomes overwhelming. Many a times when you are building with a builder there is only a short period of time to make your selection.

Hence here are some simple approaches which will help you narrow your choices easily.

Approach 1 – Select your benchtop and then match your splash back

Selecting your benchtop in itself can be a tedious and time-consuming process. There are thousands of varieties of natural stone, so it is okay be uncertain about what exactly you want. Let’s brainstorm some options to help ease your selection process.

Marble slabs in Sydney – Marble slabs available in Sydney are unique and bring sophistication to your design space. Most marbles have a real sense of character and a sophisticated appeal but can scratch easily if not sealed properly. However, over time, marble develops a beautiful patina with all the subtle imperfections eventually blending together to form part of the character of the marble.

Granite slabs in SydneyGranite slabs in Sydney are at the top notch for using as a kitchen benchtop. Granite slabs can withstand hot pans and is difficult to scratch yet being porous it will need resealing occasionally. Any granite slab supplier in Sydney who denies the fact that granite needs sealing aren’t the right supplier for you.

Quartzite slabs in Sydney – Quartzite has a metallic appearance and varied colour tones due to presence of various minerals like quartz and silver mica throughout the body of this natural stone. The quality available here is considered to have more strength when compared to marble and granite slabs in Sydney

Limestone slabs in Sydney – Limestone is one of the most porous natural stone. Hence it requires extra care and attention specially when used as a kitchen benchtop as it is more susceptible to staining and pitting compared to the other natural stones. However, you wish to have some warm and earthy shades in your space then limestone is just for you.

Once you know which material to choose from the next question is which colour shade to go for?

The answer to that is very simple. You have to ask yourself – do you wish to highlight your splash back or your benchtop.

If you wish to highlight your benchtop, you should select a colour which is very subtle and minimal for your splashback so that it doesn’t draw the attention away from your benchtop. Probably some shades of light grey or earthy tones might gel well.

While if you wish to centre stage your splashback chose a neutral colour or white benchtop and add some matching yet bright and interesting colours in your splashback material. For instance, a grey granite slab benchtop combined with a flashing digitally printed glass or wallpaper.

Approach 2 – Have the same benchtop and splashback

Having the same material for your benchtop and splashback provides two major benefits; one it saves time on selection and secondly it gives a luxurious monolithic look to the kitchen. This look is admired significantly by the home designers lately.

While selecting any natural stone product we highly recommend you visit the warehouse to view the full slab characteristics as it may vary in colour and pattern from the sample or a view on the website, prior to placing your final order.

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