How to Maintain the Landscaping of Your Residential Yard?

Published On June 17, 2019 | By Dora Romero | Home improvement

A beautiful lawn doesn’t require a lot of money or flood of chemicals but only your attention. The exterior of your house is the first thing which is noticed by the people so if you won’t keep it maintained, a good impression will not be created. Also, an unhealthy lawn becomes a hub for diseases and insects, bringing about a number of adverse effects on your well-being.

If you thought that giving a refreshing look to your front yard is impossible, let us guide you through the simplest of ways:

Cutting the Grass Right

We all know that during the spring season, the grass tends to grow a lot quicker. While you may be tempted to cut it short with the intention of mowing less frequently, you need to allow it to grow. This way, you will avoid stressing the grass and encourage healthy growth. Keep the grass even and pull the weeds as soon as they appear. Make sure to provide sufficient water during the week so that the grass doesn’t dry out during the summer season.

Right-Sized Trees

Trees serve multiple purposes in the landscape and can prove to be dangerous if they are not maintained well. During the spring season, the growth of the trees speeds up and they start bearing flowers. This is the ideal time to trim all the dead branches and mulch around the trees as this will help in avoiding insect infestation during the summer time.

Maintaining the Shrubs and Vines

If not maintained well during the spring season, these shrubs and vines give a very messy feel to your garden. It is advisable to feed these plants with ample fertilizer and add 2 to 3 inches of mulch around them. Spring is also a good time to shape these shrubs so that they don’t outgrow during the summer season. While some of the shrubs require trimming to the ground, others start giving a neat look once the extra shrubs are removed.

Adding the Right Flowers

It is through flowers that color is added to the landscape. One should plant the perennials during spring or fall and water them sufficiently during the growing season. You need to water the flowers as per their need as some are drought-tolerant while others need to stay moist most of the time. Pick the dead flowers as soon as you can so that they don’t spoil the look of your garden.

As one looks for Dallas Fort Worth homes for sale or anywhere else in TX, the first thing to be noticed is the maintenance of the yard. A good yard will bring in more clients and give a definite increase to the value of your house so give special attention to it.

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