How to ‘Hygge’ Up Your Home

Published On May 11, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Home improvement

You’ve seen the word plastered on best-selling books and on blog posts across the internet, but now it’s time to learn what “hygge” really means. The phrase, pronounced “hoo-gah,” means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the life with good people.

Basically, hygge is for all those looking to bring a little comfort into their lives. Beginning with your home, here’s what you can do:

Reach for something for soft

If being warm and cozy is the essence of hygge, where better to start than your bed? Begin with a set of soft bamboo sheets that exemplify comfort, blankets that wrap you up in warmth and pillows that will carry you into a sleep so deep, you’ll forget all about life’s stressors — even if just for a few moments. Top it all off with a pair of soft pillowcases that won’t irritate your skin or activate your allergies.

Light — or stream — a fire

Just because you don’t live in frigid temperatures doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the luxury of a crackling fireplace inside your home. For those blessed with an in-home fireplace, unwind with a warm cup of tea by the flames. For those without, you can stream one online and broadcast it to your TV or create a cluster of your favorite candles.

Bring the great outdoors indoors

Nature has been proven to reduce stress in people, and bringing a bit of the outdoors into your home will help you relax. Find one or two of your favorite plants and put them in spots where you most like to unwind in your home. And if keeping plants alive stresses you out, look for more resilient plants or simply bring in items that remind you of the outdoors, like stones or wooden furniture.

Get the light right

Overhead lights can be harsh and canel out your hard-earned hygge. Instead, use natural light or desk lamps to create an ambient glow.


Embrace neutral tones

In the interest of creating a harmonious space, avoid bold patterns or bright colors. While they may seem fun, they could end up clashing with your new hygge lifestyle. Find pastel colors or neutral tones like grays, browns and creams. You can create your own custom color palette here.

Create a nook

Designate a spot in your home that will be used only for relaxation purchases. Let this be the spot where all your hygge elements come together to create a warm, cozy safe haven. Good Housekeeping UK recommends choosing the place where you most enjoy sipping from a mug of tea or curling up with a good book.


Utilize technology — sparingly

Modern life requires an almost constant connection to social media, work and other stressful things. In order to maintain your hygge, use technology sparingly, and only in a way that increases your happiness. For example, turn off your phone’s notifications and use it to play soft music. Or use your home security system to dim the lights and bring the temperature down a few degrees.

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