How to Get the Most Out of Your Housekeeping Carts

Published On July 9, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Home improvement

In the hospitality industry, housekeeping carts are a necessity. These mobile equipment carts provide adequate and convenient storage for cleaning supplies. In the recent past, many hotels have replaced the older and hall-blocking carts with smaller and more visually appealing ones. If you are in the process of replacing or upgrading your hotel housekeeping carts, here’s what you need to consider to get the most out of them:

Select the right size
Select the right cart size depending on the number of items it is going to be wheeling around. This will also help you choose a cart with the appropriate storage capacity. While a single shelf might be ideal for a cart used to carry linens and towels, the same will not be suitable if you need to transport small bottles of cleaning shampoos. Some have a little of both features to enable the housekeeping staff to replace the linens and towels as well as replenish sanitary items in hotel rooms. Such carts have drawers that provide an enclosed space for these smaller items.

Keep the carts clean
Hotel housekeeping carts are often placed in hallways and are the first and most visible equipment your clients will see. A messy cart not only hampers the housekeeper’s productivity but also portrays a negative image of the facility as a whole. Moreover, dirty and unkempt housekeeping cart could be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Such a facility risks cross-contamination as they are moved from one room to the other. Besides, clean and well-maintained hotel housekeeping carts will serve you longerand look more presentable.

Have the cleaning staff voice their opinion
Should you be the facility’s owner or manager, it is possible that you have an idea on what cart supplies to include and how to set it up. While this is ideal, it might not be necessarily what works best for your housekeeping staff. Ask them what supplies work best and involve them during the setup process for improved efficiency. This enables them to accomplish more within a given period. Besides, this motivates them as they feel that their opinion is valuable and that they have played a part in the facility’s success.

Be consistent in your carts’ set-up
Your facility’s carts should have similar set-ups for each department. Train the crew in each department on how the set-up should be. Inconsistent set-ups only lead to wastage of time as each crew member has to check where they have placed the particular supply. In any case, the things that the housekeepers need to access frequently should be placed within reach.

The hospitality department in any hotel is vital to the facility’s success. Knowing how to get the most out of your housekeeping carts is a way of ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in this department, leading to profits.

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