How To Clean Inside Of Water Bottles?

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Water bottles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes these days. If you have decided to purchase reusable water bottles from an eminent online store such as HouseByUs, it is best to first know about the tips to clean the water from inside out so that you don’t ever end up consuming contaminated water.

One of the easiest yet unusual ways to clean the inside of a water bottle is to fill the bottle with less than ¼ full with gravel or rice. It is best to use uncooked and raw rice. If you are opting for gravel, it is best to go for gravel that has a size in-between pea and sand gravel as you want the rice or gravel to reach all the crannies, nooks, and corners of the water bottle. It is extremely important that the gravel does not have sharp edges as that may scratch the inside of the water bottle.

It is now time to add 3-4 drops of dish soap as that will help to remove any residue from beverages consumed in the bottle in the past, along with dirt and dust. You may decide to only use the dish soap and omit the gravel or rice if the bottle is not very dirty. Once this has been done, it will be the time to fill the rest of the bottle to nearly the top with hot water. Now, you need to cover the bottle with a bottle cap (or you may put your hand) so that the washing solution does not spill out. After this, you are required to shake the bottle vigorously in all directions, back and forth as well. It is important to swirl and rotate the water, soap, and rice/gravel around.

You can now dump the soap, gravel/rice, and water mixture and inspect for any residue pieces of rice or gravel. The remaining rice/gravel should not be drained down the drain but instead in a bowl or bucket as you surely don’t want to clog down the drain and have a next problem before or as soon as you are done with sorting out the first.

You can now fill the bottle with clean water a few times and dump it out. You can use an anti-bacterial soap or 1-2 drops of bleach and rinse thoroughly before refilling it with water to be consumed by you.

These easy tips can help you clean the water bottles like never before!

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