How to Choose the Right Location to Rent a Commercial Business Space?

Published On January 31, 2019 | By Eric Carter | Real Estate

Location is everything when it comes to renting retail spaces. In a world full of choices for your customers, your business needs to be in the vicinity of your target audience. But, is it really the only need of a business when renting out a commercial space?Developers like Forum Properties understand the differences of various demographics. Here’s a quick guide on choosing the right location:


Are there enough amenities or recreational space for your visiting customers nearby? Shopping can be an exhaustive experience for most people and they often turn to food for a break in between or after. Make sure your retail space is offering your customers a holistic shopping experience. Being in the vicinity of popular food chains does to some extent guarantee more footfalls.


Being in the vicinity of competitors can make or break your business. Areas where there are competitors can be beneficial as it already have a ripe market for your type of business; however, most customers are loyal and new businesses need to offer some lucrative differentiation in order to attract. It is otherwise best to avoid places where the market is saturated with the same type of business. Multiple competition, more often than not, are nothing but red flags when choosing location.


Security should be a priority irrespective of the business type.  A background history check on the crime rates in the location and looking out for security provisions within and outside the retail space is considered ideal. Placing security as a priority speaks volume of the business and eventually becomes the brand voice that resonates with the customers. This also helps in getting loyal customers.

Growth Potential

You need to consider the short run and long run business decisions before finalizing the location. The location is one of the irreversible aspects of your business in the short run.If your business experiences a growth spurt, will the location be able to support your expansion needs? This question needs to be addressed too before signing the lease contract.

Reputation of the Location

While we cannot be expecting every location to be the Fifth Avenue of New York, a perceived idea about a neighborhood can make a world of difference in placing brand value. A reputed neighborhood would mean more potential customers.

Location decisions should be made considering the financial health of the business in the long run. All businesses have varying needs as they cater to different locations. Depending on your business requirements, choose the right location.

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