How To Achieve A Chic And Modern Dining Room Look

Published On June 26, 2018 | By Donald Llanas | Home Decor

Homes are constantly in need of being updated to keep pace with different trends. One of the latest essentials for improving the appearance of the dining room in particular, is the use of high gloss furniture. Undeniably chic and ultra-modern, its elegant styling will instantly transform the dreariest of rooms.

Minimalistic Splendour

Many people are still relying on minimalism to give their homes a cool and sophisticated, uncluttered image but secretly long to bring a vivaciousness to the atmosphere. Dining room furniture in a lustrous high gloss finish can create an enhanced lively appearance without compromising on minimalist principles. In more ornately decorated rooms it can add that exclusive finishing touch.

Reflections of Elegance

High gloss furniture has a unique, rich quality. The smooth highly polished surface has the ability to reflect even the smallest amount of light instantly creating a warm, vibrant glow that can brighten the darkest of days. At night it can add an intensely romantic atmosphere, particularly when the flickering haze of candles is reflected across its constantly shimmering surface.

An Instant Fascination

When entertaining it can sometimes be difficult to impress the most critical of guests that nearly every dinner party has, but an item such as a sideboard in a high gloss finish is guaranteed to create an unforgettable impact. Guests are frequently mesmerised by the amazingly mysterious reflections that ripple across the mirrored surface.

Easy Care High Gloss Furniture

With the busy schedules of today’s modern lifestyle, high gloss dining room furniture is perfect for maintaining a scrupulously clean environment with the minimum of effort. The highly reflective surface has the appearance of being laboriously polished for hours on end yet is maintained with little more than the lightest of encounters with a feather duster.

Delicate Strength

A glossy lacquer finish creates one of the strongest resilient surfaces. Sticky fingerprints from admiring guests who can’t resist feeling the silky-smooth texture of a white gloss sideboard, can easily be removed by a quick buffing with a super soft e-cloth. Stubborn marks will only need an additional light spray of clean water.

Beautifully Healthy

High gloss furniture should never be treated with anti-bacterial sprays, chemicals or polish. Remove potentially harmful spillages immediately and buff the surface. An e-cloth will provide superior cleaning power without scratching the glossy surface and effectively removes even the tiniest particles of bacteria leaving dining room surfaces outstandingly clean and healthy.

Utterly Charming

Installing high gloss furniture is the easiest way to create a charming look of sophistication that will be the envy of every guest who sees it. Adding charm and elegance with the convenience of easy care cleaning it is a worthy investment.

Wonderfully Modern

Achieving a beautifully chic and up to date look in a dining room couldn’t be easier. Choosing a white gloss sideboard, modern accessories and maintaining a sparklingly clean and sleek look will instantly add a thrilling elegance and sophistication, creating an unmatched brilliance that is guaranteed to enhance any style of room.

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