Hotel Safety: Reasons to Provide your Guests with in Room Safes

Published On July 19, 2018 | By Dora Romero | Furniture

For those people who travel frequently, hotel security has become a significant feature that they ponder when looking for a hotel to stay in. Whether they are going on a business trip or just pleasure, people need to be assured that their properties will be secure when they are not in the room. For this reason, the majority of hotels have started to install hotel safes for their clients to use. A safe is a secure place where visitors can keep their valuable properties such as laptops and passport. Additionally, the safes can make the travelers have a peace of mind when they are far from their room. Here are some of the reasons you need to install hotel safes in your restaurant. Click here for more information.

Improved client satisfaction

Installing hotel safes to guest rooms can enhance the client satisfaction of your restaurant. This plays a vital role in helping the guest to have confidence in the security of your business. Additionally, your guest will know that you care since you have gone an extra mile to offer them with this additional and valuable amenity. In reality, hotels with hotel safes have a high chance of getting high ratings since the extra amenity is a requirement for a restaurant to be recognized as a 4 or 5-star restaurant.

Ease of storage 

Installing hotel safes eases the procedure for clients keeping their valuable items. With the help of this device, visitors will not have to wait in long queues at the front desk to store their valuables. They can just store their belongings in their rooms using a code they choose on their own. For the majority of visitors, this assists to add to their peace of mind since they can put the belongings in the safe instead of trusting a hotel staff to keep their valuables properly.

Types of safes

It is evident that some safes are superior when compared to others. The majority of modern restaurants have safes that come with electric keypads. This lets the visitor create a unique code to unlock them. Note that how easily the code is superseded will define the level of security. The setting of the PIN includes:

Keypad overwrites where the management will enter a pre-created sequence of numeric figures to detour the code. The safety key allows the management to insert a master key before entering the supersede PIN. No Override is where the management will need a PC or mobile gadget to hack the mainframe and retrieve PIN.

Precautions when using the safe

In most cases, electric safes log override events, and this helps the management to get special details for reported incidents of theft. Typically, electric safes are more secure than key-locked ones. However, you need to practice some caution before putting your items in the safe. Here are some of the preventive measures to consider.

Rub the keypad with a piece of fabric before creating a code. Check how well the safe is mounted to the wall and make sure you attach a secondary padlock if the safe supports this feature.

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