Homeowner Associations and HOA management services – How are they different?

Published On October 1, 2019 | By Eric Carter | Real Estate

Over the past few decades, the trends of urbanisation and infrastructural landscape have continued to evolve. This is majorly fuelled by exponential population growth and migration of people to urban centres and more organised infrastructure.

In cities like Phoenix, these trends have shaped an urban landscape of community housing, stand-alone residences, condos and more. Further creating a need for a central body made of homeowners. Currently, there are hundreds of established Homeowner Associations (HOAs) across various communities across Phoenix – managing and regulating bylaws for their communities. However, there are situations and areas where these HOAs look for professional assistance – and thus opting for HOA management services (or property management to some).

Although, the partition between the duties and roles played by each entity is blurry; these shouldn’t be confused as they often are.

  1. How are they appointed?

The office-bearers of homeowner association board as usually appointed by the residents of their respective community. Some members/ homeowners from the group nominate themselves and are then voted/appointed by the community for the position. HOA management services, on the other hand, are hired by the HOA or members of the residence to provide management services.

  1. Who has the power?

For the two bodies, HOA is responsible to form regulations, setup guidelines, allocate budgets and perform various office tasks. Property managers hold the position of the task force. The entity that enforces these regulations and brings the rules into action. The board primarily supervises the tasks and formulate action plans, while the agency acts on them and put them into play.

  1. What are their roles and responsibilities?

The HOA board plays the role of governing authority in a community. They bear the responsibility of maintaining order and quality of living in the housing community. Also, they are accountable and answerable to the problems of the homeowners of the community. The members of the HOA board are responsible to organise meetings and set up forums for other homeowners to present and discuss their community-related issues openly, and resolve disputes.

A property management company works closely with the HOA board to execute the action plans and maintain the infrastructure of the community. These service providers maintain shared service like common areas, streets, and landscaping, payment of bills, sales or renting of property within the residential complex and ensuring that the rules of the community are followed.

How is investing in homeowner association management services useful?

Neighbourhoods often find themselves at a fork about hiring an HOA management firm. Having two entities performing similar tasks may sound like an overhead, but, there are numerous benefits of doing so.

  1. The property managers are trained professionals, with expertise in managing various infrastructural matters.
  2. With experience, they can offer efficient management solutions and progressive ideas for a building a better living.
  3. Their contacts/agreements with different contractors can be beneficial for the board, in terms of cost and quality of services.
  4. Property managers can put in dedicated efforts towards the housing community and put forward an impartial front (in case of need).

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