Home renovation the new face of luxury:

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As the world moves towards the 21st century, the focus of the real estate industry is to create ecologically is sustainable living and working spaces. From conception to demolition, the buildings are expected to reduce the carbon footprint that lives on the environment today. By 2020 the real estate industry is expected to contribute no less than 26 % to the GDP of the economy of the country. No wonder renovations have become one of the most sought-after jobs in the world economy today.

Home renovation – not a messy ordeal anymore:

We all aspire that our homes should speak about us. A typical renovation project for living home will include one or more of the following: kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and basement remodeling, window frames replacement, exterior and interior painting and many more. Fortunately, full-service interior design companies focus on creating the most innovative home décor with the least possible disruption of regular life for the occupants in a house. This has been made possible due to the increase in sensitivity towards the local ecological balance by the real estate industry. Usage of low emission paints, recycling of old construction materials, large-scale incorporation of reclaimed wood, paper, bamboo, cork and other easy to procure materials have reduced the costs of renovation.

Refurbishment company’s credentials to look out for:

A genuine interior company will be having government-approved licenses and certifications from state-approved agencies. These companies will provide a list of professional references of commercial and living projects previously undertaken by them. Before signing up a deal with these companies, it is advisable for you to check the online ratings of the company and the list of approved home refurbishment agencies released by the state department home refurbishment agencies released by the local office of the real estate planning commission.

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