Home Air Quality Facts and how your HVAC System Can Help

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Many people find they very concerned with outdoor pollution and are outspoken about it. That is why it is hard to understand why people do not take the air quality in their home more seriously. People tend to get a false sense of security it seems when they are surrounded by a roof overhead and four walls. According to many reputable sources people really need to be concerned more with the air they breathe in their home. Here are some home air quality facts and how your homes HVAC system may be able to increase the air quality in your home.

Home Air Quality Fast facts

Should you be concerned about the air quality in your home? Listen to what the following experts have to say:

The American Lung Association estimates that people spend almost 90% of their lives indoors. Of that indoor time over 50% is spent in your own home.

Should that scare you? According to the EPA yes it should. It is estimated that the air in your home is as much as five times more polluted then the air outside your home. EPA studies showed that the air in 86% of the homes they tested had high amounts of particles and bio aerosols; these are things such as dust, pollen and viruses. The studies also showed that 71% of the homes tested had potentially harmful gases and chemicals in the air such as radon and formaldehyde.

There definitely is a lot to be wary of here and it may be well worth getting your home’s air professionally tested.

How can your HVAC System help Improve the Air Quality in your Home?

Most standard HVAC air filters are designed only to keep large dust particles out of the system but there are many other choices available. By adding a HEPA type filter to the system you will be able to eliminate almost 100% of the dust, pet dander and allergens that pass through the system.

  • Run the System More Often

Upgrading the filter will do you no good if your system is not running often. There is an override switch on many older systems that will let your HVAC system run as much as you want it to and newer systems are usually programmable so they can circulate the air in your home as much as you want also. The more you run the system the better the air quality in your home will be.

  • Add Components to your HVAC System

There are a few devices you can add to your HVAC system to improve the air quality in your Energy Efficient Homes even more. These include humidifiers, dehumidifiers and sanitizing ultraviolet light systems.

With the home air quality facts that were pointed out in this article you should now be well aware that any steps you can take to improve the air quality in your home should be undertaken; especially if they are a low cost alternative. So consider these steps that will enable your HVAC system to help improve the air quality in your home.

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