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Hiking Mount Bromo: A Travel Guide

Published On March 25, 2019 | By David Standridge | Featured

A holiday in Bali, Indonesia, is often what first comes to mind. Consistently voted amongst the best island destinations in the world, the isle is a top contender for idyllic honeymoons and relaxing holidays at a yearlong tropical climate. And while it is indeed a gorgeous island, even when traveling all that way it would be a waste to head back home without having spanned the Bali Strait to pay a visit to its bigger brother: Java.

Regrettably, the Eastern part of Java largely remains out of the limelight, though it delivers some of the most beautiful scenery of not just Southeast Asia, but arguably the entire world. The reason for this under-appreciation can be found in the fact that the tourist infrastructure in this section of Java is not as developed and as such, can be somewhat tricky to pay a visit to the National Parks, especially if traveling to a shoestring budget. However, having only been to Eastern Java this summer, I’m here to give you current, trustworthy, and step-by-step instructions of seeing the absolute highlight of this region;Mount Bromo.

How should you reach CemoroLawang, BromoTenggerSemeru National Park? You’ve got two choices: either hire a car oror take public transportation.

The hottest routes depart from Surabaya or Malang to arrive at Bromo in the day, then go onwards to the Ijen Crater on the next day, and arrive at Bali on the third day. This trip can also be made in reverse.

As my traveling companions this summer proved respectively 60 and 69 decades of age, we picked for comfort over public transport and hired a car with a driver to take us to the Banyuwangi ferry terminal in 3 days for IDR 3,250,000. It sounds like a great deal of dough, but it is a pretty sweet deal when you are traveling as a small group of three or four people. Plus long-haul leasing cars in Indonesia are large of fairly high quality, ours were always quite comfortable and spacious, and we could even play our music on the car stereo by using the Bluetooth connection! What more could you need through a road trip, eh?

While this option requires some planning, as the car needs to be booked at least a few weeks ahead of your trip, it also comes with an additional bonus: the chance of The falls are just a Small detour from Surabaya into Bromo, not accessible by public transport, but very much value a visit. From the car park in the drops, you can either walk 3 miles into the actual entrance to the falls or require an exciting ojek (motorcycle taxi) ride down into the entry tickets. For the falls are priced equally, and your only other additional expense will be Tipping your manual at the end of your 2x 45-minute hike from the entry to The actual back and falls. And yes, you do need a manual, and you do want to obtain the ponchos they’re selling along the way, since the walk underneath the drops is equally dangerous and quite, very wet. But oh, so stunning!

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