Here’s How You Can Create Pinterest-Worthy Living Room Space

Published On October 18, 2018 | By admin | Home Decor

The living room of your house is where you spend the most time with your family and friends, and yes, you need as much space as available. Redesigning the room interiors doesn’t have to be a complicated job, provided you have the right ideas. In this post, we will talk about creating more space in a Pinterest-worthy living room.

  1. Mirrors create an illusion of space, and you can do a lot, depending on what you wish to achieve with the idea. Place the mirror opposite to the windows to get more natural light, or choose to place one on the center wall to add more space visually to the room. The good thing is you can try a bunch of styles and shapes.
  2. Feature wall. Much like mirrors, feature walls don’t really create real space, but the attention shifts upwards, which means that one feels more of floor space. You can check a mix of diverse ideas on Instagram and online as how to create a feature wall, using artwork and different styles.
  3. Mason jars. If you want more of floor space, you can utilize the walls and windows in a better way by decorating with mason jars. Mason jars are affordable, and you can choose to place them on wall shelves or can be used in a hanging mode. The idea is to use the walls to have more floor space.
  4. Get TV on the wall. Why would you need to use extra space for the entertainment unit, when the TV can go straight on the center wall? You get to use the wall for entertainment, while the floor space is freed up.
  5. Go for weightless furniture. Lightweight furniture is the next big thing on the block. You can skip most of the big living room accessories and go for something that’s light and easy to the eyes.
  6. Include sliding doors. We all know that sliding doors are easy to install, and you can do a lot by opting for one in the living room. Also, check if you need to change interior door furniture, which can add more aesthetic value to the room.
  7. Think of geometric patterns. Geometric patterns can be inserted on the wall in form of wallpaper and other objects, and this kind of takes away the attention from the floor. Also, this has been one of the most trending ideas in recent years, so you cannot go wrong.
  8. Add more greens. Adding green plants to the living room is like bringing the nature home, and we are not talking about big plants alone. Think of small shrubs and plants, which can be placed on the coffee table or on the shelves, so that the floor space is free for use.
  9. Check the need for lighting changes. Smart homeowners know that changing light sources and options can change the aesthetic of the room and create more space. For example, if light reflects from metal surfaces, the room will look bigger.

What are you waiting for? Rethink your living room now!

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