Helpful Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom

Published On May 30, 2018 | By Donald Llanas | Home improvement

Homeowners searching for bathroom renovation ideas will be happy to discover that redesigning this much-used room is not a difficult task. Whether your goal is to simply update the room’s decor or completely transform the bathroom, remodeling is a worthwhile endeavor.

Additionally, renovating a bathroom virtually always increases the value of your home. Below are some great ways to breathe new life into a dull bathroom and make it your own personal oasis:

A Spacious Plano Retreat

To make a bathroom feel roomier, even if it is particularly small, you can simply add several mirrored surfaces and white tile to create the illusion of more space. A glass shower wall can be used to eliminate the visual barrier of a shower door or curtain. Height is added by installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and warmth is created by infusing rich wood tones to the decor.

Asian-Inspired Bathrooms

Contemporary Asian designs add a luxurious ambiance to virtually any bathroom. Therefore, you should consider a Japanese stepped chest and classic Asian vanity in dramatic, dark colors to create a lovely, unique bathroom. A mini artificial Japanese cherry blossom tree can be added for an extra touch of beauty.

Sunny Beach Theme

You can create a beach-themed bathroom by simply installing beach-style tiles and painting the room in patterns featuring blue and gold. Consider “dry riverbed” tiles that mimic sand and stone, and yellow walls with bright blue as the accent color.

Ambient and task lighting are also great additions when using this theme, as they help create the illusion of a larger space. Use decorative soaps in the shape of shells, fish, or stars as a final touch.

Hacienda-Style Bath

A copper vessel sink, a rich, red travertine counter, and a rustic sideboard can transform your bath into a beautiful hacienda-style room. Handmade tiles and rich shower draperies add extra charm to this theme. However, if your bathroom is small, remember to use simple patterns that will not overwhelm the space.

Zen Escape

If you enjoy the calm effect of new age decor, consider turning your bathroom into a Zen haven. You can allow light into the room with a transparent floor-to-ceiling Shoji screen, which can be strategically placed to conceal any flaws you may not want to repair at the moment.

Large mirrors framed in bamboo or other natural materials also add traditional zen flair. Woven baskets, a ladder towel rack, and a leaf patterned shower curtain complete this great look.

Retro Redo

If you are in search of a nostalgic theme with a modern twist, consider a contemporary-retro combination. Add some amber glass and oversized subway tile work, an oval mirror, and trumpet-shaped sconces. As a finishing touch, place a shag-style bathmat or area rug in front of the shower door.

Eastern Oasis

A skylight, a bamboo mirror and a freestanding vanity with elongated fixtures can all be used to create a bathroom with an Eastern flair. To perfectly balance the space, use a soft color palette of neutral shades accented with dark wood tones. You should also consider installing artistic relief panels to create visual interest without shutting out the bathroom’s natural light.

Fortunately, the styles and themes available from which to choose when redesigning your bathroom are limited only by your imagination. If you need Plano home remodeling, try one of the themes outlined above or create an eclectic space that reflects your own personality. Ultimately, whichever style you choose, a bathroom remodeling project is the perfect way to add beauty and value to your home.

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