Guidelines for Site Structural Investigation

Published On May 18, 2019 | By David Standridge | Home improvement

Site structural investigation in Rockingham is the process of collecting information and evaluating the conditions of the site to design and construct the foundation for a structure, such as a building, plant or bridge. A good site structural investigation report is necessary to develop a structure promptly and within the desired budget. The site structural investigation report depends on a variety of factors including,

  • The design criteria of the proposed building
  • General site condition and building performance
  • The availability of the drilling equipment
  • Site investigation method and techniques
  • Overall cost required to build the structure

A thorough site structural investigation carried out by the leading structural consultants in Rockingham includes the following,

  • Identification and description of the site
  • The history of the site in which the structure is to be built
  • The environmental condition prevailing in the area
  • Preparation of an initial site model
  • Sampling the area for an analysis of any potential environmental threats

The Role of Structural Engineers

The structural engineers in Rockingham provide on-site support services that help you to get your construction project done on time and within your budget. Some of the regular on-site services offered by the structural engineers are listed below.

  • They offer compaction testing on residential areas to determine the type of soil in the construction site.
  • They develop propping systems that extend temporary support for your construction project.
  • They perform site inspection with reinforcement sign-off.
  • They are equipped with the right equipment and tools to perform phase I corrosion investigations.
  • They review the construction site to determine whether the plan is made in accordance with the structural documentation.
  • They also check for other site damages including cracks, deflection of construction material, and more.
  • They perform structural dilapidation survey to determine whether the structure you are going to build would cause any structural or aesthetic damage to the adjoining property.
  • They also offer special superintendence services to help the client meet the obligations of his or her contract documentation.

Recent research reports say that unforeseen ground conditions cause more than 80% of the problems during the construction project. So, the site investigation services you are opting for should be structured enough to get all possible information about the understanding of the subsurface condition and the foundation behaviour.

A good structural consultant in Rockingham helps the clients to perform site structural investigations including,

  • Soil classification
  • Dilapidation surveys
  • Structural remediation
  • Structural stability
  • Asset maintenance (mining, local council, bridge)
  • Computer modelling for earthquake risk assessments and
  • Residential cracking & settlement

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