Golden Rules to Behave Well During the Service

Published On February 18, 2019 | By Donald Llanas | Furniture

To make the most of the tremendous spiritual fruits received at service, we must participate in it with reverence.

Here are golden rules or practical advice which will serve to make the best of the service and participate, actively and reverently coming from the best place to buy church pews for sale.

Don’t Use the Cell Phone: You Don’t Need it to Talk to God

Cell phones should never be used at service to initiate calls or send texts. It is possible to answer an emergency call, but outside the temple. However, it’s possible to use the telephone for spiritual readings or prayers, although you must be discreet.

Fast before the Eucharistic celebration

It consists of abstaining from taking any food or drink, at least from one hour before Holy Communion, except water and medicines.

The sick can communicate even if they’ve taken something in the immediately previous hour. The purpose is to help prepare to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.

Don’t Eat or Drink in the Church

The exceptions would be some drink for kids or milk for babies, water for the priest or members of the choir (with discretion) and the sick.

No Chewing Gum

When doing this, it breaks with fasting, a distraction occurs, it is discourteous in a formal environment, and it does not help in prayer.

Don’t Wear a Hat

Wearing a hat inside a church is impolite. Although this is a cultural norm, it must be fulfilled. Just as we take off our hats when an oath is taken, it must still be done in the church as a sign of respect.

Sanctify Yourself when Entering and Leaving the Temple

This is a reminder of Baptism, a sacrament by which we are reborn to the divine life and become children of God and Church members. It’s necessary to be fully aware of what happens when crossing oneself, and it must be done by saying some prayer.

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