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Published On November 14, 2018 | By Andrew Williams | Home improvement

The four walls that make a house… the four walls of a house mirror the taste of the home owner like no other corner of the house! Walls give you an opportunity to display the refinement of your taste through wall hangings and paintings. A very developed taste for art is the true identity of sophistication. Not everybody has got the knack for it. Only people who have been lucky or deserving enough to grow up in such environment can develop an eye for art.

Does the mention of art and painting send a chill down your spine thinking that you may have to break your bank balance to decorate one wall in your house? Fret not. There are plenty of options that will win you applause for your taste and affinity towards art and yes, much more than any expensive painting can ever do. Let’s see what are those options.

Now, when I say art, it does not necessarily mean only expensive art pieces by renowned artists. There are innumerable options for wall hangings if you just look around yourself. The local art forms in India can prove to be a real treasure trove in this regards. Myriads of colors, embroidery, appliqué, mirror work, hand painted and even printed – as you explore further, the range only gets vivid and vibrant.

Latest Trends in Wall Hangings

Printed Wall Hangings – One of the latest trends in wall hangings includes very beautiful and vibrant printed wall hangings from Jaipur. Jaipur is known for its ever so colorful handicrafts. The printed bed sheets from Jaipur have been one of the most favored staples for people from all over the country. And now the same art form has extended to adorn the walls to five your living room a dash of color and ethnicity that lacks in the contemporary lifestyle and home décor. Printed wall hanging suppliers in Jaipur supply these exquisite wall hangings all over the country as well as in the overseas markets. These have the capacity to give a complete facelift to your home décor. And they cost you a dime!

Peepli Art – A remote and untouched village in Orissa is weaving magic on fabric through their out of the world creations. A mix of appliqué and threadwork, these handmade art pieces are vibrant and detailed. Wall hangings from Peepli are sure to add a fresh dimension to the interiors. And the best part is that they will promote local art. Hence, next time you plan to buy a wall hanging give these local art forms a thought instead of splurging on expensive paintings from renowned artists.       

Batik Prints – Well, when we are talking about prints and local art forms, how can we miss out Batik prints. It is a Javanese technique of printing fabric that was brought into our country by Rabindranath Tagore. This is yet another unexplored area that the country is completely unaware of. Starting from fabric to sarees to bags and accessories, the range is vivid and the products are available in abundance. Where you get them? The answer is Shantiniketan. Here, you can find wall hangings that are handmade, exquisite and yet do not give you that pinch in your pocket.

These apart there are many local wall hanging manufacturers in India who needs the right kind of attention. Local art forms in India have a unique streak. They come right out of the soil; they are vibrant and add that feel of life and color in the contemporary concrete set up that we live in.

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