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Published On September 28, 2018 | By Donald Llanas | Home improvement

Bi-fold doors have attained massive popularity in Surrey and the South East. Bi-folds are sometimes even referred to as folding, concertina or accordion doors. By whatever name you call them, their specialty is, they are designed in such a way that they open with minimal interference in your living space. Practically, bi-fold doors have a lot of advantages compared to the traditional sliding or swinging doors. They are not only durable but aesthetically more impressive. They give your limited space an elegant touch. The property owners in Surrey prefer using them as theses doors adds to the value of their property.

The advantages

When it comes to the bi-folding doors in Surrey, here is a list of benefits you get to experience:

  • Let’s in light – Bi-fold doors always let light enter your home irrespective of whether they are open or closed. The amount of light the come in is much more compared to any standard door or window.
  • Durable – Usually the aluminum bi-fold doors are highly durable and are not affected by the seasonal changes. They do not bend or warp due to heat neither do they split.
  • Aesthetics – In today’s interior design project these bi-fold doors are an essential part. Their simple design and stylish look transform the entire setup of the home. Their transformative character makes them a must-have in the complementary lifestyle of today.
  • Thermally insulating – Some bi-fold doors also come with the option of thermal insulation. Their insulating solar control glass keeps your room cool during the summers and warm in the winters.
  • Space-saving – The best part of bi-folding doors is you can fold them neatly and again open up when required. This is a real space saving option.

The security factor

Most people, who are not very sure about what bi-fold doors are actually, are concerned about the security factor. The fact is these doors if the correct measures are adopted then these bi-fold doors can prove to even more secure than the regular doors. The first thing that should be taken care of is the locking system, which should address multiple points and not just one. The door panels and the frames supporting the glass should also be sturdy. When it comes to security, reinforced glass is probably the best option you can go for. If you don’t mind adding in a little more cost, then you can consider installing an alarm to add to your peace of mind.

Why Surrey Architectural Glazing

At Surrey Architectural Glazing with their experience of over 40 years, they aim at creating some of the outstanding houses for you. Over the years they have not only handled a vast number of individual projects with their high-quality products. Their creatively designed bi folding doors in Surrey gives a transformed look to your entire property. They work in close collaboration with some of the expert designers, architects, and contractors in gifting you your dream home. If you want to take a look at their list of products the visit their website and enter the product page to get a brief idea about the varieties you can expect.

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