Four Common Window Types In North American Homes

Published On October 21, 2017 | By Donald Llanas | Interior

You probably do not really think about it but the right type of window is important. While, obviously, this simple foundation of any room or building lets in natural light, windows also help to circulate air and even provide strategic privacy and security. That is, of course, when you install the right type of NeuFenster Canada window to serve a particular purpose.


This type of window is specifically designed to maximize light and air exposure.  Typically you would install this type of window in a bedroom or in another part of the home where you would like more privacy but also where you need air and light.  This window type is versatile as it can be installed next to other windows or within a column or above a patio or terrace door. At the same time, this type of window can create security issues as they tend to open widely; so best to install them far above ground.


The most common type of window in newer homes, particularly in the western part of the United States, casement windows are easy to recognize because they swing outward, horizontally. This type of window is ideal for light and air exposure but are better than awning windows because they create a tight seal that is more energy efficient when closed (which cuts electricity costs).  Also, these windows are favorable because the incorporation of a slide rail mechanism makes them easy to operate.  These windows are best installed above cabinets or counters, anywhere they can be cranked outward.


While they are easy to clean and repair, double hung windows can only open halfway and that makes them less energy efficient than other window types.  This is the window type in which the bottom half slides upward (or, depending upon its build, swings vertically open).  These windows are best for exterior areas near a walkway or a patio.


The picture window is ideal for areas where you might want an excellent view but do not necessarily need equally excellent airflow.  Consider installing a picture window on a high wall or in a hallway to provide natural light exposure.  However, some people find that when the glass area is too large it is oddly vulnerable to vandalism; and the glass is not easy (or cheap) to replace.

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