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Published On June 3, 2018 | By Dora Romero | Home Decor

What are sliding windows? How are they structured? Which types of sliding windows are there and in what do they differ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of sliding windows? Where are they used and what do they cost?

A sliding window has an advantage compared to the most commonly used tilt-and-turn windows in this country. It does not take up any space when opening, as the opening sash is opened parallel to the wall of the house into which the sliding double glazedsash windows london is embedded. The open window sash does not disturb the room. We explain in this article the typical structure of a sliding window, its structural variants and their functions. You will also learn interesting facts about the use of sliding windows.

Horizontal sliding windows

Both sliding window types are available in different versions, whereby the differences relate to both the structure and the material used, as well as the resulting functionality. Much rarer are special sliding windows, whose glass elements are folded together like a concertina. In addition to the space savings mentioned above, which means sliding windows, because they do not protrude openly with their casement into the room, there are other advantages. The airing with them is relatively easy, since one does not have to evacuate an optionally notified windowsill free to open the sliding window. Even a sudden slamming in strong draft of the window is not to be feared.

Vertical sliding windows

Vertical sliding windows or sliding windows have a long tradition in Great Britain and are often installed in the USA. The sliding windows called “sash window” can be opened by sliding both window sashes up or down. They are connected by steel cables with a counterweight, so that they can remain in any position. This design or operation with cable system is for example in rooms of advantage, which have to do it like kitchen or bathroom especially with humid and / or odorous air: pushes there both wings on top of each other in a central position, so fresh air can flow in through the resulting opening down, while over the open gap above the humid air can escape from the kitchen and bathroom.

Vertical sliding window

The space savings that bring sliding windows especially small spaces is a big advantage. In this country, at the turn of the century, from the 19th to the 20th century, the traditional English sliding windows were also installed in grand mansions and country houses. One finds them still partly preserved in buildings, which are under monument protection. The favored in Germany rotary and later also turn-tilt window but they could never push from the throne of popularity scale.

Construction and operation

Typically, the double glazedsash windows london to be pushed vertically consist of a frame construction which contains on one side the so-called weight box with the counterweights hanging from steel cables. He disappears visually in the frame. The sashes themselves are available in different shapes, depending on the preferred style of living. For example, sprout windows are popular. Also typical of such sliding windows is a so-called opening limiter and of course the modern sliding window also has locking devices. Thanks to insulating glass and high-quality sealing, a sliding window meets current energy requirements. Depending on the model, there are also special safety barriers for the sliding windows.

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