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Being the land of extreme winter, Canada, choosing the right materials for your house is extremely important. With long and harsh winters, it becomescrucial to choose the right kind of material for the exterior sidings of your house to protect it from cold winds, flying debris, hail and ice, to name a few things. One needs to make use of a sturdy material so that the sidings do not crack and also does not decrease the temperature of the house. To figure out the right kind of material which would be perfect for the siding of your house, you should contact roofing company Hamilton. Here are a few suggestions of materials that are perfect for sidings.

  1. Build a Wall:

Constructing a brick wall as a siding though an expensive option, it is better for the longer run. Bricks are easily maintained, all that one has to do is hose it down with water once in a while. With the harsh winters, it is the brick walls which would last as long as the building itself. The walls do not absorb water, so it has no effects on its durability.

  1. Wooden Hedge:

Wood sidings come in all shapes and sizes and have a classic appeal to them. Choosing the right kind of wood for the sidings is crucial. Overlapped and tightly bound sidings which strengthens it against strong winter winds. However, the wood sidings are not easy to maintain and do not have a long life. The wood tends to start rotting over a period of time as it has absorbed moisture. Make sure that your wide sidings have been primed properly before installation so that the life of the wood is increased.

  1. Cement Fiber:

Made of cement, cement fiber is easy to install and gives a look of wood. The best part about having this installation is that it absorbs most of the extreme weather, making your house warmer in winters and keeping it cooler during summers. Not only that, cement fiber is also fire and pest proof.

  1. Vinyl:

Being of the cheapest and low maintenance, Vinyl becomes a popular choice. All one needs to do it wash it properly in order to maintain it. The material is sturdy and water resistance. However, this does not mean that it has a long life. After a while, the vinyl starts to chip and then easily cracks and breaks when it is hit.

  1. Wood-composite:

One of the options available is that of wood-composite products which is made up of fillers like wood fire, glue etc. Though a cheap option, it faces the same problem as a wooden hedge, if its ends are not sealed properly then moisture would get in leading to a swelling in the joints of the sidings.

  1. Aluminum:

It is the most opted option for people who believe in conserving energy, as aluminum controls temperature better. Though aluminum is not sensitive to weather change, the only downfall of the material is that it dents easily.

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