Factors That Affect the Retractable Awning Price

Published On January 7, 2020 | By Mary Carlisle | Home improvement

Anticipation is what keeps many of us from pursuing various things, be it an adventure or purchase. When it comes to extending space, retractable awnings seem to be the viable option. But, many think that awnings are too luxurious to afford possibly. Yet, you would be surprised upon investigating the retractable awnings Sydney prices. The price of awnings depends on several factors so it is difficult to give the exact quote.

Here are the factors that affect the cost of retractable awnings in Sydney:-


This is one of the most obvious factors. Larger awning tends to cost more than the smaller ones. Apparently, it depends on the size of the area you want to cover with awnings. The more you are planning to shade, the more you have to pay. Besides, larger awnings require more materials and setup time. That said, a large awning with cheap materials may cost less than small awnings with branded materials. The price varies based on the quality of the materials you choose as well.

Extra features 

If you are adding additional features to your retractable roof systems Sydney, it could cost you extra amount. The extra features will be added to the total price, but it will unlock a world of comfort and convenience. There are additional features such as automatic sensors that respond to the sunlight, remote controls, protective aluminium castings, and more.


Believe it or not, fabric can make or break the appeal of the awning. While vinyl awnings look great and durable, woven acrylics are strong and long-lasting and stylish. You can count on paying a modest amount more for acrylic.


This is another major factor that influences the price of retractable awnings Sydney. While a motorised awning may seem to be comfortable, it could cost you more. On the other hand, manual awnings cost less, but it requires a lot of efforts to open and retract the awning. You don’t invest in a retractable awning just to leave rolled up against the wall. However, a motorised awning needs higher investment, but it’s worth investing.

Maintenance and repair 

Awnings are constantly exposed to the natural elements, and it is susceptible to wear and tear over time. Regular maintenance is crucial to increase the lifespan of the awning. However, it also adds up to the cost of awnings.

Semi-fixed vs. Fully retractable awnings 

With semi-fixed awnings, most homeowners tend to commonly open them in the spring and leave them open all summer till fall, and then retract for late fall through early spring. On the other hand, awnings that can be fully retracted or extended have manual or motorised operation. You could bring it out for your morning coffee and press a button to retract it as you walk back indoors.  The convenience of a truly retractable awing such as these is worth the extra investment.

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