Factors That Affect the Cost of Artificial Grass Installation

Published On February 13, 2020 | By Clare Louise | Featured

The cost of artificial grass installation is a primary concern when you are planning to replace your natural grass with synthetic turf. But, there is no universal formula forartificial grass installation cost as it varies from one project to another. However, you could get a free quote from different artificial grass installers in Sydney, so that you could make informed decisions.

A lot of factors go into artificial grass installation cost quote. Yes, it is not guesswork. From purchase to installation, there are several aspects that help to decide how much you’ll need to invest in your yard. A good artificial grass installation company in Sydney would consider your needs and incorporate them into the proposal to determine the price and provide you with relevant and realistic rates.

Here are the primary factors that affect the artificial grass installation cost Sydney


As with any other home project, the price of artificial turf installation will greatly depend on how much turf you will need to cover the area. If it is big, then you’ll have to spend a significant sum for your artificial grass installation in Sydney. Some may need to cover only the front portion of their yard for the sake of curb, and it wouldn’t cost much.

Labour and installation

Labour makes up a significant part of the artificial grass installation. The regularity of your yard in shape and level also impacts the price of synthetic turf installation. Before the installation, several steps must be taken to ensure the lawn is ready, including removal and disposal of your current lawn, adding a layer of weed-control membrane, adding a layer of sand, and cutting and fitting a shock-absorbent material to fit your yard. Artificial grass installation involves a lot of labour work which makes it an expensive part of the project.


The materials required, including seaming, yarns, nails, backing, nylon, and polyethylene, for installation also affect the price. Apart from these materials, you should also consider the brand and make of the turf. Ensure to choose the right material as the maintenance of the turf depends on the type and quality of materials.


Artificial turf is versatile as it does not require soil, water, and sunlight to thrive. It can be installed anywhere in your commercial or residential property. However, each location has different requirements. While some place demands less labour work, others require a lot of planning and hard work to install the synthetic turf. The locations also have a significant impact on the project’s cost.

Of course, artificial grass comes with a huge upfront cost. But, it is a single investment that can last for the next 15 to 25 years with little maintenance. Many homeowners take the DIY approach to save money. But, DIY artificial grass installation is not recommended as it increases the risk of expensive installation mishaps. When compared to DIY method, professional artificial grass installation Sydneyis a cost-effective option in the long run.

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