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Extremely hygienic? … That’s right, we must know that the cleaning in the bathrooms must be deep and extreme, because there are concentrated most of germs, moisture and dirt that harms the health of all.

Cleaning in these environments may seem a bit complicated if we do not know how to do it correctly, because it is necessary to do it in a deep and continuous way, whether in homes, institutions or companies. Cleaning and hygiene in bathrooms should be essential to maintain healthy spaces and avoid the creation of fungi, moisture and embedded dirt.

If we want to reflect a concept of cleanliness and care in our spaces, we must take into account that having our bathrooms clean will speak a lot about us and what we want to project.

Consequences of having a dirty bathroom

There are consequences of having dirty bathrooms due to everything that happens in their interiors, because in this place they tend to match the work of body hygiene with the elimination of waste, as well as the general dirt found in floors, walls, pipes among others.

One of the main tenants to have a greater number of water intakes are fungi caused by moisture, there are many types and some of these are often very harmful to health, so keep the bathrooms always clean will greatly minimize your presence and the consequences that these can present as it is a bad quality in the air, respiratory diseases, infections and bad odors to name a few.

Can you imagine being able to clean without having contact?

Many times we have encountered problems to perform proper cleaning in the bathrooms, but certainly a problem that stops us or does not allow us to do it in the best way is to have manual contact with these surfaces either by disgust, bad smell or avoid contact with the rare substances found in this place.

Imagine combining a pressure washer with a vacuum cleaner for liquids or being able to perform sanitary cleaning avoiding direct contact, in addition to making proper use of chemicals without wasting them, does it sound right, when you use the specialized equipment for sanitary cleaning you get All these advantages and improvements in productivity significantly.

Equipment for sanitary cleaning

These are equipment specially equipped to perform cleaning tasks effectively in bathrooms, but the best thing is that you can make use of these equipment leaving your environment clean without having to have manual contact. There are many features that distinguish them but I will mention the ones that I consider make these teams a necessity to keep our bathrooms clean.

Powerful hoses, have the scope to carry out cleaning without limitations, on the contrary they provide greater freedom to handle it, because they have great reach and reels that avoid entanglements.

Great water power, manual cleaning is replaced by efficient accessories with high pressure in the water which facilitates the removal of dirt in difficult to reach areas and allows a quick rinse of the surfaces.

Powerful suction, dirt and liquids are sucked completely from the floor immediately leaving the areas clean and dry.

Necessary amount of chemicals, have a chemical distribution system ensures you make use of the necessary chemical without having waste.

Compact design, has a compact and resistant design, allowing great maneuverability, clear lines of visibility and easy transportation.

Easy access to components , its ergonomic design allows easy access to all its components makes it easier to maintain and without difficulty.

Accessories easy to store,  these teams have special designs that allow you to store your accessories inside easily, making the transfer of equipment easier.

Minimize times,   cleaning up to 3 times faster than traditional methods.

The cleaning applications for these equipment will depend on the needs of each place, but in terms of cleaning bathrooms you can be sure that they will solve your problems in the best way. A sanitary cleaning equipment is the ideal equipment if an efficient, fast and complete work is required.

Do not hesitate to try it to discover the ease of use and cleaning effectiveness that such a team can provide.

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