Everything worth knowing about installing new ceiling fans!

Published On August 2, 2018 | By Donald Llanas | Home Decor

Planning to replace some of the older ceiling fans of your home? If you take a look online, you will find a bunch of different brands, models, designs and styles to choose from. In this post, we will talk of some of the critical aspects that matter while selecting and installing new ceiling fans.

Do I need ceiling fans in my home?

That’s usually the most common question that homeowners have in mind. Yes, you have installed the best air conditioner for every room, so why bother about ceiling fans in the first place? Experts agree and recommend using ceiling fans for two major reasons. Firstly, fans can actually reduce cooling costs considerably. If you go for Crestar Fan Singapore, the energy usage is even lesser. When the fan is running, you don’t have to use the air-conditioning system at its peak, and in the long run, that can mean considerable savings. Secondly, ceiling fans are actually easy to use, and repairing smaller issues doesn’t require big investment. All you need is a reliable repairman or technician. There’s also no denying that ceiling fans add value to the interiors of your home.

Things that matter

  • Check the blades. Conventional fans used to have four blades, but there’s no fixed norm, as such. Keep in mind that too many blades will add weight to the motor, and thereby, can impact performance.
  • Blade pitch matters. In case of ceiling fans, the blade pitch is something to take note, which refers to the angle of the blade that should be ideally between 10-14 degrees. The width of the blade is also important, and for most of the high-end models, the same is about 5 inches.
  • Motor and design. Eventually, the fan runs on a motor, and that’s important because it propels the blade and needs to be powerful enough to circulate enough air. Modern ceiling fans are designed to have better motors and lighter blades.
  • Finish for the aesthetics. Many homeowners prefer to buy fans that match the interiors and existing décor. You can find fans that come with lighting kits or those made of wood that add an extra element of aesthetic beauty.
  • The brand. Some brands are obviously better than others. For example, if you check the Facebook page of Crestar, you will realize that the brand has been innovating with fans and has some really popular models on offer.
  • The placement. This is also another aspect worth considering. If the ceiling is too high, you will need drop-down rod to hang the fan, while for low ceilings, the fan must be selected to operate as close to the ceiling as possible. Keep in mind that the distance from the fan to the floor should be about 7 feet at the minimum for assured security.

Check online now to find more on ceiling fans, and before you buy one, consider talking to your local electrician to know if there are other aspects that must be considered, keeping installation needs in mind.

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