Evaluating how home improvements add to the value of the property

Published On May 23, 2018 | By David Standridge | Home improvement

A lot of homeowners have worries about spending on home improvements, often due to the escalating costs and investments. According to Office for National Statistics, about £30 billion is spent each year in home improvements in the UK. DM Design, which specializes in bathrooms and kitchens in Glasgow, takes a look at how home improvements can add to the value of a property.

Spending on a new kitchen

Experts believe that spending on the kitchen is probably the best idea for most homes, more so because the kitchen is about many things besides cooking. However, it is also important the investment justifies the house price. You can expect to add more than 4% to the value of your property with a new kitchen.

Spending on a new bathroom

In this case, it is more about functionality. Adding some of the basics or changing the fittings is all that matters, and eventually, if you can balance the costs, you can expect to add about 2.5% or more to the home value.

Spending on a loft

According to Nationwide Building Society, one can add as much as 21% to the value of the home by opting for loft conversion projects. With that said, it is extremely important to get advice from a known expert, especially with regards to building and fire compliance needs.

Spending on a garage

For homes that cannot get a loft, the garage can be a great way to add some space. Nationwide Building Society estimates that one can add about 10% value to the home with a new double bedroom, and what can be more appropriate than the garage?

Additionally, you can consider spending on a conservatory, which can also add more value to the house, as long as the materials selected are apt and the room gets enough light.

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