Essential Things You Need To Know About Bidet Toilet Seats

Published On November 3, 2018 | By Andrew Williams | Home improvement

Are you curious about bidets?

Did you somehow see one during your travels to Japan? Have you tried it and wanted one for yourself?

It is a fact that an electronic bidet toilet seat is not famous in America. Aside from the US, they are popular in other parts of the globe.

Not many people know about the existence of bidets. Some even go as far as to ask, ‘whats a baday?’ Seriously? It’s not baday. It’s bidet, bidet toilet seat combo or a french toilet bidet. These and many more, bidets are often called a lot of names.

So What does Bidet Mean?

Curious? Maybe you want to give it a try? Bidets are a luxury that you’ll never want to live without once you try it. But how does it work? A bidet is a bathroom appliance that spurts out water once you’re done using the toilet. This helps remove all the fecal matter on your behind. So you don’t have to put your hand there and get all the germs and whatnot. You won’t even have to buy a tissue paper! Now, do I have your attention?

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Say Goodbye to Toilet Paper

With a bidet seat, you can reduce your toilet paper waste by as much as 75 percent or even more! That’s a lot. You don’t also have to use it to remove residual moisture after your wash since most bidets have an air dryer, so going to the bathroom becomes an entirely hands-free experience.

Did you know that thousands of trees are cut down to produce enough toilet paper for the whole world population? That as much as 37 gallons of water are needed to make a roll of toilet paper? With toilet bidets, you can help decrease this number and contribute to the environment.

In the US alone, 8 million tons of toilet paper is used in a year. To keep up with the demand, lots of manufacturers destroy natural forest habitats. But it’s not only that! A lot of toilet paper is bleached. This means that it has furans and dioxins, both which are poisonous to people, soil and waterways. Some of its side effects include immune system impairments, hormone alterations, congenital disabilities, and reduced fertility.

Where did Bidets Come From?

Bidets can be traced back to France in the year 1700s. It started from hand applications to water pumps to further become what bidets are today – modern remote controlled toilet.

Bidets and Diseases

Bidets are popular with people who have arthritis, with the elderly and almost anyone who has limited mobility. They help with people dealing with urinary tract infections, wash things thus decreasing the chances of you getting bacteria, and reduce the probability of passing diseases. It’s way more sanitary and effective than any other bathroom appliance.

With all of these in mind, what do you think about bidets? Most people refrain from buying one because they are way too expensive. This is not true. Bidets are cheaper compared to using toilet paper rolls. In the long run, you won’t even have to buy toilet paper so you can save more money instead.

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