Eliminates Mold at Home without Hazardous Chemicals

Published On December 23, 2018 | By Andrew Williams | Home improvement

Suddenly you find black, gray or green mold on a wall and all the alarms go off. You have to act quickly to eradicate the problem, but the remedy can’t be worse than the disease.

Of the 100,000 species of known fungi, about 500 are harmful to humans, because their spores and metabolic waste are allergenic or toxic and favor bronchitis, asthma, and cough.

Drugstore products to eliminate molds can also pose a risk. Bleach and other similar products based on chlorine are effective: they kill the spores in 10 seconds. But they are also a health risk since they emit volatile compounds that, when breathed, damage the cells of the respiratory tract and, among other things, increase the vulnerability to infections.

What alternative options are there?

How to Eliminate Mold with Natural Products

When the appearance of the mold is recent it is usually enough with one of the following three possibilities:

  • 80% ethyl alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide at 3-10%
  • 5% sodium carbonate

In the vast majority of cases, when one of these products is applied, the mold comes off and can be eliminated.

You can do it yourself if the mold does not spread over a surface greater than one square meter. Get some gloves, glasses, a mask, and a brush and clean with one of the proposed safe disinfectants.

With the same products we can clean corners where the mold takes advantage of any opportunity: the rubber on the refrigerator doors, the air conditioning filters, the window frames or the bathroom screens.

After cleaning, measures must be taken so that it doesn’t reappear: improve ventilation, clean more frequently and keep surfaces dry.

A Reform May be Necessary

Sometimes the necessary solutions can be more serious. For example, when mold appears as a result of poor insulation of the walls.

When reforming the places affected by molds, it is advisable to apply the criteria of ecological and bioclimatic architecture. For example, resorting to lime plaster and lime and silicate paints, which allow the surfaces to perspire.

The natural and ecological products for the reform of the home are in specialized stores and are somewhat costlier than the conventional ones, but in the medium and long-term, they are better because they create more comfortable and healthy spaces.

Humidity in the Low

Molds often appear in the lower part of the walls, due to the humidity that rises from the ground in old houses that don’t have insulation from the walls.

In these cases, mold abatement professionals usually propose the injection of water-repellent silicone. If that solution is chosen, it is necessary to vacate the house for a few days, while the volatile compounds that irritate the silicone evaporate.

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