Don’t Want to Refurb Your Whole Kitchen? Small Ways to Achieve a New Look

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You love your kitchen layout and everything is exactly where you want it but you have noticed that everything looks a bit dull and to crown it you have seen that TV program, where everything gets ripped out and the owners receive a brand new kitchen.

The problem is that you don’t have the budget to get a kitchen renovation company to come and rip everything out and install a brand-new kitchen, with the latest look and state of the art appliances. There is also little possibility that the TV show producers are going to choose your kitchen to be revamped.

No need to be depressed, it is possible to achieve a new look for your kitchen without breaking the bank, there is an number of small things that can be done that will achieve a new look for your kitchen. The following ideas and tips can help you to achieve just that without having to spend a lot of money on installing a new kitchen.

Take a hard look at your kitchen.

Take a pen and paper, measuring tape and measure everything in your kitchen to get an overall idea of size and usage of the different areas. Take photographs from all corners of your kitchen to get an idea of what it looks like and how space is used. Write down everything that you like and what you would like to change.

Get new ideas.

Do some research on the internet and look at ideas on how to update or change your kitchen. There are wonderful articles with great ideas on how to give your kitchen a new look. Compare the photos of your kitchen with the ideas to establish what will work in your kitchen.

Speak to the professionals

Contact a company that specialises in kitchen refurbishments and speak to them about your kitchen and show them your portfolio of what your kitchen currently looks like and the ideas that you have gathered. This will provide them with the background of your kitchen and some idea of your preferences. It is also important to have an estimate of the available budget for the refurbishment which will help them when they represent some ideas to you. They will determine the condition of your cabinets and in many instances will only recommend, to change and replace the kitchen cabinet doors and fittings.

Be honest with yourself about your DIY skills.

If you have great DIY skills many of the refurbishments can be undertaken by yourself if you have the time available. The area of the kitchen which shows the effect of regular use the quickest is the cupboard doors and the handles and in many instances, to only replace the kitchen cabinet doors and fittings the kitchen can be transformed. Determine if you will be able to fit and replace kitchen cupboard doors because this plays the biggest role in transforming a kitchen. The cabinet doors are the main focus area of the kitchen and determine the “look” of the kitchen and by replacing kitchen cupboard doors the kitchen can be changed from one style to another. The doors can be used to create a traditional farmhouse, seaside cottage or very slick minimalistic look at a fraction of the cost of completely rebuilding your kitchen.

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