Does UK Government Allow You to Have Armed Bodyguards?

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You are not allowed to keep and carry a firearm as a public in the UK. In 1997, a bill was passed to ban private possession of any type of firearm, including pepper spray, CS gaz, and similar ones, in the UK by Firearms Act 1997. This bill was passed by the shooting of 1996 in Dunblane Primary School that killed 16 school children.

Armed Police of UK at present is of 15% in the whole UK, excluding Northern Ireland. So, the vast majority of the police force of UK are unarmed, and the force has a special unit of firearms that are called when any major incident happens involving guns.

The UK prides herself as the nation with the lowest number of crimes involving firearms.

Citizens are Concerned

Currently, the number of crimes is increasing due to the terrorist attacks. Citizens of Great Britain are concerned about their security, and have doubts about police officers unarmed with firearms will be able to protect them in an adverse situation.

People who are in the limelight, people who are known faces, and wealthy people are doubtful about their security in the UK.

In the UK, even private security firms aren’t allowed to have armed security. So, a bodyguard or any kind of private security can’t possess any type of firearm.

The only armed protection is provided by the Protection Command of the London Metropolitan police, and a few other government specialist police forces for the protection of diplomatic and royal high-profile state figures, foreign dignitaries, diplomats, and royals. Will the service be provided to a particular case? It will be judged on a case basis, and the Home Secretary makes the decision. For getting approval, it is a must that it is either a national interest, the risk is determined by gathering intelligent or a threat from a terrorist.

So, How Will Unarmed Security Protect?

Bristol security or other Private Securities have well-trained personals who use their intelligence to protect their principal. They will carefully organize the moves of their client and will try to avoid non-go areas, areas where demonstrations are going on, and the areas that are prone to roads jams. They will try to make their client avoid any area that feels not safe.

Construction Site Security Bristol bodyguards have an awareness of the situation. If they detect any behavior that is suspicious around them, they will react fast and make their principal reach a safer place.

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