Do you need permits for installing a solar thermal system?

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The installation of solar thermal systems are considered as free building activities and are carried out after communication of the start of the work by the person concerned to the municipal administration. On buildings subject to historical artistic landscape constraints require to contact the municipality of their city. If within 60 days from the declaration date you will not receive any communication contrary to the beginning of the work you will automatically have the green light for the installation of the solar thermal system. On the basis of this decree the interventions to replace existing winter air-conditioning systems with systems equipped with heat pumps, electric or gas must be entered in special computer registers.

Regulations for solar thermal systems

The objective of guidelines is to simplify and standardize the authorization procedure at national level by identifying a specific, detailed and unequivocal regulation for solar thermal systems. Alternatively solar thermal can also take advantage of the deductions provided for building renovations. That is equal to 50% of the expenditure incurred and also divided into ten annual installments of the same amount.In general it would be good to contact the Municipality where the plant is located for the first authorization steps.

Are there any special regional regulations for solar thermal systems?

The national guidelines have meant that each region has implemented special regional regulations for solar thermal systems that identify the necessary criteria and authorizations while respecting the general criteria specified. The construction and commissioning of large thermal plants is subject to the issue of a Single Authorization which implies the convening of the Conference of Services. Therefore, it is advised you to contact the offices of your province or region for information on this and more specifically to know when the single authorization is necessary, when the simplified authorization Procedure is sufficient or when you can solve everything with a simple preventive communication to the city for free building. Ask each detail to the experts of Lanai City solar panel installation technicians to get the best legal quotes.

Conclusion: Tips for buying a solar thermal system

The decision to purchase a solar thermal system is a far from simple decision. The first advice to you is to request more estimates for the installation of a solar thermal system in which to agree in writing the overall costs and installation times. Another suggestion is to favor plant simplicity. To this end it is highly recommended to place the system in easily accessible places and to reduce the distance of the solar panel from the point of use of the hot water to limit thermal losses in the connecting pipes. Equally make sure that the installer is registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Better if it is also in possession of other certificates.

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