Common Causes of Damaged Flue Liners – How to Identify and Repair

Published On July 19, 2019 | By Andrew Williams | Home improvement

While most of home owners are aware of how to maintain their fireplaces many are not sure about the inner components of their chimney systems. One of the least recognized parts is the flue liner of the chimney. The flue liner is the most crucial element in providing a safe environment to the fireplace and heating flue to function properly.

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, chimney liner acts as a protective barrier to your chimney. The flue liner not only allows the combustibles to exit the home safely but also serves as a barrier to protect the chimney walls from heat and corrosion. One of the most significant reasons to have an annual chimney inspection is to ensure the chimney liner is in working efficiently. When a flue liner is damaged, your home becomes vulnerable to potential dangers including house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. In fact, the chimney repair company in St Louis recommends that a fireplace should not be used until a damaged liner is fixed or replaced.

What is causing damage to flue liner? 

One of the most common causes of flue liner damages is due to deterioration caused by the acidic nature of oil and gas or improper construction. Plus, cracks can also damage the flue liner of a chimney. This is why annual inspections and cleaning of the flue liner is very essential to ensure that your house is safe from hazardous combustibles. If there are cracks in the chimney liner, it can cause excess air and gases to escape within the chimney that put your house at risk.

If your liner is damaged or installed improperly, it is highly recommended that you have a new one installed by a professional chimney repair company in St Louis.

How to identify your flue liner is damaged? 

There are no visible signs that indicate the flue liner of your chimney is damaged. But, having your chimney inspected by a chimney repair company  is the first line of defense against the unsafe chimney. However, if you notice broken bricks in your fireplace, it could be pieces of damaged flue liner that have been dropped into the fireplace.

How to fix a damaged flue liner? 

When the flue liner is damaged beyond chimney repair in St Louis, replacement is needed. You can replace the damaged flue liner with a stainless steel liner as it is affordable and effective as well. Stainless steel liners are resistant to corrosion which makes them durable. In fact, they are easier to install which makes initial installation less expensive. However, professional installation is necessary to ensure that it is the correct size and operates appropriately. Contact your chimney technicians to schedule chimney cleaning, inspection, flue liner repair, and air duct cleaning in St Louis MO.  

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