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Published On December 19, 2017 | By Dora Romero | Real Estate

CITY property management is a solution to all of your Homeowners Management Association ( HOA) related problems. Armed with the latest technology and twenty-eight years of experience on how to satisfy customers they are leading the business. Serving since 1979, they have been serving the city of Arizona. Growing stronger and smarter, they provide easy and effective ways to help their clients with administrative, accounting, finance and legal management services. City property management deals with high townhomes, high-rise condos, and personal real estate.

Apps and Softwares                                        

To maximize the services and minimize your effort city property management has developed an app called CITYlink HOA app 2.0. It is said “time is money”, and this app saves you a lot of time. With just a click you can;

  1. pay your assessments,
  2. report any maintenance issue you are facing,
  3. Review your account history,
  4. Lost any pet recently, you can report that too,
  5. Receive community updates or search a new community, and
  6. Vote with just a click

You can do all this on one single app and that’s not the best part. The best part is that you can download this app on your android or apple smartphones for free.

Remember those days, when u had to wait for those phone calls or emails? Well, we live in the 21st century and nobody has time for that anymore. With the help of experts and twelve years of hard work, city property management has developed an amazing software called Citycync. This software gets the work done in a blink of the eye. With 100 percent transparency, everyone in your HOA circuit can see what’s happening in real time. Want to know more about this software? Call Sara Saiz at 602.437.4777.

Services Provided by City Property Management

City property management is much more than just an app or software. They have an answer for any of your HOA related question. To assess you with your every query they provide a large number of services;

  • As mentioned earlier, city property management has been in the business for quite a long time. This was possible because of their customer service. They personally offer community manager, legal assistance, board training programme and maintenance services 24 hours for 7 days a week.
  • Accounts and collections are the vital processes of a homeowner’s maintenance association. Accounts should be safe easily accessible for all and transparent. The city property management offers the same; funds in the accounts are FDIC secured, they appoint a professional accountant for the community, they provide online bill payments and the accounts are available 24/7. As far as collecting is concerned, they appoint a collector for the community, payment plans are wonderful, lien filing is easy and so much more. For more illustrated information, interested individuals can refer to their site.
  • The city property management also offers data compliance services with a great database. With the help of the latest technology, data compliance and transfer happens at the speed of the light. You can check your history 24/7 and they also provide the latest GPS manager.

To sum it all, the city property management provides the best services with latest technology and professionalism in the city of Arizona.


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